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Holistic Healing Hypnosis

H.H.Hypnosis offers effective and personalized holistic hypnotherapy sessions

to assist you in overcoming your issue. 

This type of holistic hypnotherapy focuses on finding the cause on the deepest level possible and erases the feeling – like removing a virus off the hard drive of your CPU.

- Estelle Nasution

Topics addressed by Holistic Healing Hypnosis

Fears and Phobias

  • Flying, growing old, ocean, public speaking

  • intimacy, public speaking, commitment, being alone

  • Animals (spiders, dogs, snakes, geckos, etc)

  • Failure, of success, taking risks, and more

 Addictions, Habits & Eating Disorders*

  • Smoking, drinking, gambling, sex, porn

  • Nail biting, pulling out hair,

  • Video games, work, shopping

  • Over-spending, cheating/affairs

  • Binge eating, bulimia, anorexia


  • Social settings, public speaking

  • From unresolved traumatic experience

  • Panic attacks - random and triggered by specific environments (height, elevators, hospitals)

  • Constant worry, OCD behavior, and more

Pregnant Women & Mothers

  • Tailored hypnotherapy session for you and your baby

  • Birthing preparations & welcoming motherhood

  • HypnoBirthing® classes for a calmer, happier birth. 

  • Baby blues / Postpartum depression
  • "New-motherhood" integration
  • Read some testimonials here.

Releasing Traumatic Experiences

  • Childhood event, in one's relationship with one own's mother or father, other family member

  • In adult life with a sibling, friend or stranger

  • Loss of a child, friend or family member,

  • Heartbreak

Unwanted beliefs and negative emotional patterns

  • Pushing people away, anger/rage outbursts

  • Low self esteem/confidence

  • Continually attracting wrong types of friends

  • Victimization mentality

  • Overly pessimistic, overly critical, overly judgmental, overly jealous, overly possessive, overly aggressive

  • Problematic ways of interacting with others, and more

Negative Relationship Patterns

  • Overly jealous, possessive, critical. 

  • Inability to trust and/or codependency

  • Uncontrollable anger/rage outbursts

  • Repeating patterns - break up after X amount of weeks, repeatedly being abandoned, etc

  • Continually attracting wrong types of partners

  • Negative unwanted reactions or desires

Other Common Topics

  • Blocks in areas of life

  • Stress, sadness, depression

  • Past-life regression and unblocking

  • Rebirthing

  • Forgiveness

  • Acceptance of self, increasing self-love, inner harmony

Topics Addressed

I would highly recommend her to anyone, including people who cannot quite put their finger on exactly why they are feeling the way they are, however random, and want clarity and change.  

Kartika deserves all the recognition she is achieving from her clients and peers worldwide.

- Susan Greenwood (UK)

About HHHpnosis


Holistic Healing Hypnosis

Since 2014, Holistic Healing Hypnosis has been providing best online hypnotherapy personalized & profound therapy sessions through the use of hypnosis to help clients overcome their issue and to assist them in leading

a more balanced, harmonious life.

HHHypnosis is based on the understanding that each individual has the natural ability to heal and resolve what troubles them.  The role of the hypnotherapist is to facilitate this process by working with the client's innate power to heal.

The HHHypnosis process is multi-dimensional with various processes involved in each client session.  The processes carried out depend on what the needs of the client are at that time of the session.  This inner-work may include shadow-work, inner child-work, emotional release, correcting & upgrading beliefs relating to the self and to the world at large, and more.  The process is focused on resolving the issue first & foremost, and HHHypnosis certified hypnotherapist aim to do so in as little time as possible while still attending to the overall well-being of the client.  For this reason, most topics generally do not require more than 2 sessions for the client to experience significant shifts.  View the FAQs or read what you can What-to-expect during a session.

Founder Kartika Alexandra is now teaching the Holistic Healing Hypnosis process to selected students.  The course is intensive and covers numerous topics with a large and important amount of time dedicated to the practice of the process itself.  Past students report the course to be an empowering and transformative process due to the inner work involved in the course and Kartika's encouragement for them to tap into their own individual abilities to be the best therapists they can be.  Students receive a certification upon completion. 

Find out more.

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What still amazes me is how she managed to select just the right early emotional triggers to lead us through the spider web of memories and subconscious imprints that found the root cause of my turmoil.

- John Rozelle (USA)


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... I feel different. I approach my existence and experiences in a different way, a better, happier and healthier way. In short, I actually can only say that you owe it to yourself, if you struggle or if you have developed a behavior that is contradictive to what you deserve.

- Anna (Holland)

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