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Hypnotherapy Course in Bali

with Kartika Alexandra

  • Are you interested in learning about healing, the mind, and our human experience?

  • Are you looking for a comprehensive method to be able to help and support others overcome their struggles?

  • Are you fascinated by how powerful our subconscious mind is? 

  • Are you ready to be transformed and to transform others?

kartika hypnotherapist bali
General Information

This hypnotherapy course is an

immersive & transformative course.

combining psychology & the healing arts.


It is designed to provide students all that is necessary for them to carry out a successful holistic hypnotherapy session on any common issue that a potential client may require assistance in overcoming.


The course takes place over 4 months.

The first month is in-person and contains knowledge & practice components.

The following three months are by distance and contains personal mentoring & practice components.

There are two main components to the course:

  1. An in-group knowledge & practice component

  2. An individual practice component.

1.  The in-group knowledge & practice component:

  • The in group portion begins with foundational knowledge which on the mind, human experience, hypnosis & therapy

  • This is followed by thorough exploration and experiencing of each portion included in the HHHypnosis process that has led to Kartika's successful practice. This includes the different processes such as emotional release, shadow work, trauma healing, parts therapy, somatic release, inner-child work, forgiveness therapy, and working with the energy body. 

  • The course is a trauma-informed approach and is a holistic in its approach.

  • A key component of the in group portion is the practice rounds where students delves into their own subconscious to resolve any of their triggers and unresolved traumas that may be holding them back from being the best possible hypnotherapist.

  • Duration: 

    • Over 4 weeks in total. Weekdays only from 9:00 AM - 5 PM

    • eEcept Wednesday till 12:30 pm.

    • All days have 1 hour lunch break

  • Group size:

    • Between 2-6 students.  This is dependent on the individuals in the group and current Covid restrictions.


*** You are required to be present for the entire group section to gain the knowledge and partake in the supervised hypnotherapy practice sessions between students.

2.  The Individual Practice component:

  • This component follows immediately the in-group portion above and takes place over the following 3 months. 

  • During this component, students carry out a minimum 18 hypnotherapy sessions on their own (without receiving payment). 

  • As individuals have their own challenges and interests, Kartika individually mentors each student as they experience insights & challenges.

  • New tools, techniques & approaches will be shared accordingly with each student. 



"Thank you for sharing your unique knowledge, amazing energy & care Kartika! It’s been a special journey with you all ... This has been truly life changing!"

- Ilona, Graduate from December 2019)

Necessary prerequisites to taking this course:

  1. First and foremost, an open & curious mind is a necessity.

  2. The desire to support and help others overcome their issues and experience more joy and happiness in their life.

  3. Being comfortable in group settings & committed to exploring your own inner process of healing during the group portion.  The more you are comfortable, the deeper and better you will understand the processes involved in HHHypnosis. 

  4. Previously experienced an HHHypnosis session with any HHHypnosis certified hypnotherapist.

    • If you are interested in joining the course but you have never experienced the HHHypnosis process, please contact us to book a session to best understand what a session entails.  The fee is not included in the course fee so please pay the hypnotherapist directly.

  5. An in-person or video meeting with Kartika to be admitted into the course.

Reasons why potential students may not be admitted:

  • If potential students are only looking to accumulate knowledge and tools.  This is not the ideal course for such students as inner work is a large part of the course.

  • If potential students are overly competitive in nature.  We will be working together very intimately and each course forms a community feeling where we are supportive of each other.

  • If potential students are uncomfortable with group setting work, or struggling to feel vulnerable, or still processing a traumatic event in their life (or others).  Kartika will suggest ways for the potential students to overcome these so that the student could potentially join the next course.

Requirement to join

"I feel so grateful to receive your knowledge, your energy and all that is done with gentleness and kindness.  One day I hope to be as good and powerful hypnotherapist as you are."

- Geraldine, Graduate from February 2020 course

​This course is ideal for those:


  • Who are interested to learn various tools and processes to help others reduce their suffering.

  • Who will or for those who already work closely with others as mentors/coaches/therapists and want to dive much deeper with their clients.

  • Who wish to expand their wisdom and knowledge of the mind, body, conscious, subconscious, and healing via understanding their own inner processes.

  • Who are comfortable with being encouraged and challenged to go deeper into their own healing to become the best hypnotherapist they can be.

Kartika has managed to create a course which incorporates so many key elements of the subconscious in relation to all parts of our selves and our overall wellbeing & health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and information and this wisdom has truly expanded my understanding of the mind - body - spirit connection to an even deeper level. The combination of this and her beautiful energy, kindness, endless encouragement & ability to push us when needed (!) and guide us through the tough moments, have been a key part of my learning experience and growth.

- Nina, graduate from December 2019 Course

Upcoming Course Detail
Upcoming dates, locations & fees


  • March 2021​ (in-person)

    • March 1st to March 26th, 2021 for in-person group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram/in-person

    • Location: in Bali at Maja Healing

  • July 2021 (online)

    • July 5th to July 30th, 2021 for online group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram.

    • Location: live, online.  See details & FAQs below.​

  • October 2021 (in-person)

    • October 4th to ​29th, 2021 for in-person group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram/in-person

    • Location: in Bali at Maja Healing

2022 (all dates tentative)

  • March 2022 (in-person)

    • February 28th to March 25th, 2021 for in-person group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram/in-person

    • Location: in Bali at Maja Healing

    • Fee: IDR 100,000,000 or USD 7000 (all taxes included). See details & FAQs below.

  • July 2022 (online)

    • July 4th to July 29th 2021 for online group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram

    • Location: live, online.  See details below.​

    • Fee: IDR 85,000,000 or USD 6000 (all taxes included). See details & FAQs below.

  • October 2022

    • October 3rd to ​28th, 2021 for in-person group portion

      • followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram/in-person

    • Location: in Bali at Maja Healing

    • Fee: IDR 100,000,000 or USD 7000 (all taxes included). See details & FAQs below.

What is included in the Course Fee?


  • What is included?

    • 4 months of knowledge, practice and mentorship

      • 1 month of profound transformation, expansive knowledge and deep healing

      • followed by 3 months of individualized mentoring via zoom, telegram or in person.

    • All course materials & course textbook.

    • Water, tea & (healthy) snacks are provided during the in-person group portion.

    • Community support.

  • What is not included?

    • Lunch is not included.

    • Accommodation is not included.

    • Any immigration or legal requirements (visas, etc)

    • Any flights to and from Bali. 

  • As this course meets the requirements for certification by NGH, you will be qualified to apply for NGH certification upon completing the HHHypnosis requirements .

Course FAQ

"The HHH course was truly life-changing and eye-opening. The main reason I joined the course was because I experienced first-hand how Holistic Hypnosis has helped me with my panic attacks. Coming from a Psychology background, I was intrigued by how Kartika successfully guided me to find the root causes of my behaviour in only 2 sessions, when months of traditional counselling was unable to do so. I joined the course expecting to learn about Hypnotherapy techniques, theories and approaches. What I took away was much more - most surprisingly, I learnt so much about myself - my triggers, behaviour patterns, fears, and my conditioned responses. Getting this invaluable insight has changed the way I approach everything, most notably my closest relationships - all of which have improved significantly because of this course.

I cannot thank Kartika enough for being an amazing mentor and teacher. Her approach is flexible and approachable - when my childcare arrangements fell through for a few days, she welcomed my daughter and made sure I could still attend, which I was extremely grateful for. Although I highly appreciate her knowledge and experience (which she definitely has in spades!), what I truly value is her dedication to each of her student. She made sure each of us got what we need - be it more information on particular topics, gentle guidance, stern reminders, an encouraging push off the proverbial cliff...all of which she did with the most patient, accepting, and loving energy. I was truly sad when the course was over...and would gladly do it a second and third time! Thank you, Kartika for opening up my horizon, bringing wonderful people into my life, and introducing me to the hidden parts of myself. I am eternally grateful."

- Dr. Laura Widyanto


Would you like to join the course? Please fill the out the form below.

*** If you are asking about dates, fees, requirements, certification, locations, you will find all the information above! ***

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