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Client Testimonials

Interested in finding out what some satisfied hypnotherapy clients have to say?

Read their testimonials below to see how their lives have been altered by hypnotherapy.

You will find feedback from clients from all walks of life - corporate, bankers, lawyers to artists, yogis and healers.

(These testimonials are ordered generally from oldest to most recent.)

I was lucky enough to have a hypnotherapy session with Kartika in February 2014. I say lucky as I see our meeting as a chance encounter which facilitated healing which I required.

With limited knowledge of hypnotherapy, I had reservations as to its safety prior to undertaking the session. My concerns were alleviated during the session as I was conscious of the inner journey that Kartika was facilitating. The method of hypnotherapy utilised is simple yet highly effective, balancing the potential positives and negatives of our life situations. We worked together to gain resolution and peace on a number of issues that I feel were sabotaging both my conscious and subconscious mind for many years.


Kartika has a beautiful manner and presence, which placed me at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone considering hypnotherapy.

Shane Farrugia - 39 - Australia - Master of Wellness

"...The beautiful thing about this specific type of therapy is that the idea is to find the root cause. Some therapies focus on masking the pain or making the problem just “stop”. The type of therapy that Kartika focuses on, finds the cause on the deepest level possible and erases the feeling – like removing a virus off the hard drive of your CPU. This experience was able to create a conversation with my sister that explained most of the tension we carried as children, and for that – I can never be more grateful.


Interested in trying out a session? I can’t recommend Kartika enough. Not because she is a good friend, but because she has a trustworthiness that is hard to come by. She will make you feel comfortable, at home and most importantly – safe. She practices in Bali. If you have an issue that you haven’t had any luck resolving, you should give this a shot. What do you have to lose?"

Estelle Nasution - 29 - Indonesian/American - Health & Fitness Coach

After more than 25 years reading, learning and understanding reincarnation, I came to experiment the transcendent power of our inmortal soul during my first hypnotherapy session with Kartika, who I met “coincidentally” during the 7-days silent meditation retreat in Ubud.
“The subconscious will bring up issues that you need to deal with, so you could move forward in your life, but it will also protect you from things you’re not ready to deal with just yet”, Kartika told me during our talk before going under.
With simplicity and care she took me by the hand to a ride inside my mind and soul in which we navigated my current life at 22, 13, 10 and 1, and visited another life time in which I wasn’t able to trust what I’d learned during that life. She helped me reenact all those moments in order to come to terms and heal wounds that I’d carried for so many years without consciously knowing it, only affecting me. It was as if my soul had warm bath and came out cleaner, transparent and full of its own light…again.

Ro Verdeja - 46 - Dominican Republic - Business Presentation Specialist & Corporate Training

I have never previously done any hypnosis therapy and did not know what hypnotherapy was until my friend suggested that I try it; maybe it can help me with the situation that I am  finding very difficult to control.  I did hypnosis therapy with Kartika and we did it in English, which is not my first language (Indonesian is). 

But Kartika's therapy is very very good and I understood every word she said. After several days of hypnotherapy, kartika was worried about my situation and if I was okay after therapy or not.  But I was very good and much better day by day.

I can control myself when I get very emotional.  I can be more patient in dealing with problems and quieter to make decisions on each issue. At this point, I can be strong and I also able to be soft.  I have to be strong when the right time and vice versa I should be soft at the right time.   I remain optimistic and positive in life.

Thanks for the help I get in hypnosis therapy and I am very grateful and happy. ;)

Wulandari - 27 - Indonesian

An entire life lived and focused on working hard and meeting up to expectations. A life lived with heaps of friends but still feeling lonely deep down inside. Finding habits that were just not good for me to compensate that voice in my head that was never good enough and always felt alone.  Even though I definitely tried to live life to the fullest, part of this life and my behavior was something I wanted to step away from and why I approached Kartika. I have done my own work via numerous books and specialist but that little voice and feeling never really left.
During our first session Kartika explained in fair detail how hypno-therapy works. How you create imprints in your early life (and sometimes even in the womb already) and how these imprints are linked to feeling (sad, happy, frustrated, jealous, angry you name it). You develop a certain attitude towards these feelings and this attitude affects your behavior. For me that behavior was a negative one, otherwise I probably would not be sitting in that really comfortable chair/seat. We talked and during the hypnosis we went back. Diving into my sub-conscious looking for that root-cause that has been imprinted somewhere in my head that literally made me feel the way I feel. It was an extremely beautiful, emotional and eye-opening experience of which I remember every word I said. I just have never dove that deep, it hid in my sub-conscious.
In my 2nd session we dove even further. My root-cause happened at birth. I was skeptical just because it is so intangible. But I feel different, I approach my existence and experiences in a different way, a better, happier and healthier way. In short, I actually can only say that you owe it to yourself, if you struggle or if you have developed a behavior that is contradictive to what you deserve. Life is to be lived to the fullest and by the help of Kartika’s professional help, her way to make you feel at ease and dive into your deeper self, I am living my life as I deserve. Thanks heaps for everything Kartika!!

Anna - 35 - Holland

Thanks to Kartika's hypnotherapy skills and method, I was able to get rid of my smoking addiction once and for all.


It was a very gentle process, which totally changed my perception of what hypnotherapy was. Most importantly it helped me make a shift at a deeper level  and free myself from these patterns. Since my one session, in the past 8 months, I have had no craving and have not replaced the habit with another.


I totally recommend this practice and method for anyone who would like to release deeply engrained patterns of behavior that they feel might limit their life. Kartika's approach gently establishes trust and exchange in this extremely professional and thorough form of therapy.

Sarina B. - 39 - New York

Kartika Alexandra is a higly dedicated skilled professional who will help guide you where your areas for blockages are and work with you to have them released. 


My experience with Kartika was a deeply profound one and I can´t thank her enough for being so generous with her time and helping me go where the work was needed. The time stood still during the work, the hours just flew away. After the session it felt like I had lost some heavy baggage that I have been carrying around. I was feeling light, happy and full of love and appreciation for my life and everybody in it, it felt amazing. 


I have no hesitation in recommending her service to anyone who wants to explore their depths and heal unresolved issues.

K - Project Engineer - Norway

"…  You've seriously helped me so so much, and the best part about it, is that I'm not afraid to talk about my experience to people. End of the day, we all become so ashamed of those awful habits, but I feel the more open I can be about it, the more I can help those around me who have had or are going through similar feelings/actions towards food.


My friend would probably still be binge eating if I hadn't had told her about last year [hypnotherapy session with you]. She still has her days where she feel weak, but will contact me to talk her through it, and vise/versa when I have times. 


Thank you so much, your work and gift has helped me so much, you have no idea how much I appreciate it."

Renee Cowling - 26 - Australia - Fitness Model

My hypnotherapy session with Kartika was an amazing  and surprising experience for me.


I was 7 months pregnant at the time and wanted to do a session to clear up old belief systems that I did not want to pass on to my baby. I was very curious as I have never done hypnotherapy but was not sure if it could really clear up my beliefs that I've been working so hard to clear myself for a long time. However, I had full confidence in Kartika and have heard so many great accounts of her sessions that I had to give it a try before the arrival of my baby.

Kartika was very professional as she talked me through the process and made sure I was extra comfortable. I love her voice; it is so calming and reassuring. The session was very relaxing as she took me deep into my subconscious.

Here is the surprising part, I was shocked how much of my childhood I could remember, even the time I was in my mother's belly. Kartika took me far back and I could feel all the emotions running through my veins. I cried hard like a baby but it was the most relieving cry as I started to let go of the old beliefs that no longer served me and that made me unhappy for most of my life.  Kartika made sure to sooth me each time and to check on me. 


Though I was pregnant, the session wasn't hard on my body or emotions. Yes it was intense but the release was so much more powerful. I came out of the session ready to meet my baby and give her a clean slate. I would love to do another session with Kartika to clear up more junk but the one time did wonders. Thank you Kartika! I love you and am so happy to know that many people will benefit from your session.

Debz - 34 - Chinese - Works from Home (Pregnant at time of session)

Having never been hypnotised or regressed before, this was a very new experience for me.

I initially went to see Kartika regarding stopping smoking, however after giving her detailed background information she advised me that there were deeper issues which could be treated first. We worked on my anxiety and depression in our sessions and I can truly say I was so surprised how deep rooted issues in the sub conscious can go. Kartika has also made a personalised hypnotherapy recording for me which is wonderful for sleeping.


I have recommended Kartikas services to all of my friends, her practice is very professional whilst at the same time feeling instantly like you are talking to an old friend. I was impressed also by her personal follow up with me, she genuinely cares about your process and journey after the session.  I would recommend this to anyone. I’ve taken away positive feelings and experiences from these sessions and will continue in the future to use Kartikas services. Thank you!

Helen - 29 - Designer

I did a number of hypnobirthing sessions with Kartika during my pregnancy and was very impressed with her professionalism and the results of the therapy.


Kartika’s authoritative, yet warm manner immediately put me at ease and I felt completely safe throughout each session. I gained some invaluable insights that clearly answered some questions I had for my baby, and helped me resolve some old emotional wounds.


Beyond the treatment itself, Kartika accompanied each session with a follow-up email to check on my progress – a reflection of the genuine care she has for her clients.


I highly recommend Kartika and will definitely be using her hypnotherapy services again in future.

Rebecca Walker - 35 - Australian - Wellness Journalist & Prenatal Yoga Teacher (Pregnant at time of session)

I had hypnotherapy many years ago to address a specific childhood situation I had experienced that really proved successful.

Arranging to meet Kartika for a hypnosis session whilst on a detox holiday in Bali felt different. I was not sure what exactly I was wanting to achieve by undergoing hypnosis at this time in my life and whether I was just booking the session on a  detox  whim as my friend had booked an appointment with Kartika for a health issue.

When Kartika asked me to email her with any background information and my reason for wanting to see her,  I could only explain  it as feeling blocked and unable to move forward in my life as I would like.  A feeling that I had been self sabotaging some of  the success in my life on a career, financial and romantic level.  Not intentionally of course, but if I really thought about it,  when things were great , I started to pull back and feel I needed to change my situation or that I should be doing better or doing something different.     I also found that when  I really thought hard about certain experiences in my life, I had spent a lot of time focusing on achieving financial security and finding the perfect husband and fantastic career but not not actually feeling I had reached any of these goals.  I was not unhappy as I had wonderful family and friends but had a feeling of being unfulfilled.

My session with Kartika started with a very structured explanation of what was going to happen.  She honed into my  state of mind in what seemed like a  matter of minutes.  Her knowledge and expertise came across as authoritative and highly professional but also extremely caring and compassionate.

She explained how long the session would last and that by the end of the session her objective was to have found the cause of the way I was feeling and acting.   She used the analogy of a computer that had a virus that needed to be removed.

During hypnosis, I began to feel deep overwhelming emotions building up within me that I had never experienced before.   I was delving back into areas of my life I had not thought  possible.  Relating right back to a prenatal state in my mothers womb.  I could not have imagined this would turn out to be the reason I had been feeling the way I had at certain times in my life.    I also began to feel my left arm ache  during the session.  Over the years, I have had a number of minor accidents to my arm and always thought they were to blame for a weakness/ache I often experienced.   The session identified that my left arm was affected whilst in the womb alongside the state of mind of my mother.  As a result, it had manifested as physical discomfort and a weak spot area throughout my life.

Kartika's care, understanding and methods, I believe, empowered me to work through my feelings and the experiences I had been carrying within me for so many years.

Kartika's analogy of a computer that has a virus  was a very good one.  It enabled me to visualise and understand that once I had addressed the deep rooted feelings and emotions I had experienced at the very beginning of my life , I could remove the guilt and sadness I had been carrying from my mother whilst in the womb and subsequent adoption for so long.  I could sympathise, forgive and reach a true level of appreciation and peace with my mother and myself.

After the hypnosis, Kartika told me how she believed I may feel and what I needed to do for the next few days whilst I digested all of what I had been through under hypnosis and what it has raised.

I believe Kartika has a real gift and vocation to work in this highly specialised field.  She has a wealth of academic qualifications but it is her warm, caring and genuine interest and desire to help each client  that shines through when you are with her.

Since having hypnosis,  I have felt like a weight has been lifted from me.  It was not immediate.  I thought a lot about the session for the next few days and questioned whether I had experienced any changes at all.  But as each week has passed,  I have come to realise that I am approaching every day life and difficult situations in a way that is so much calmer and with a great feeling of optimism. and happiness.   I have always been an eternal optimist, half glass full kind of person on a general level but I realise that I had not given myself the permission to achieve whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted. Diverting to the ideas of others.    I  believe that my life is what I make of it and living in the present, enjoying the small things as well as the exceptional and fabulous fun things  each day brings. I also feel I am not comparing myself with the success of others as I have often done before.  Quite amazing really to think all of this has happened in such a short time frame and one hypnosis session.  It is as Kartika explained.  Once you remove the virus, it is gone and the computer can work more effectively as it should.

I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet and be treated by Kartika.  I would highly recommend her to anyone including people who cannot quite put their finger on exactly why they are feeling the way they are, however random and want clarity and change.   Kartika deserves all the recognition she is achieving from her clients and peers worldwide.   Thank you so much Kartika:-)

Susan Greenwood - 51 - UK - Design Consultant

I went to see Kartika with the hope to get rid of the black cloud that had been “following” me everywhere for almost a year. Anxiety and insomnia were fuelling this cloud. I had stopped caring about my body, my health; I just didn’t have the energy to care anymore and I was using every ounce of will power I had to force myself to go through the motions of getting up in the morning, going to work, paying attention… I am a sweet tooth, and even great desserts didn’t create much enthusiasm. I often had parasitic thoughts too: “if I could have an accident and not have to go to work, it would be such a relief!”. I read a lot of self-help books, and I have probably read the most important personal development books there are, but I had reached the limit of what they could do for me. This was my third burnout in 6 years and I saw hypnotherapy as the last thing I could think of to help me get away from depression.


During my session with Kartika, we went back to a situation that was related to my tendency to feel responsible/guilty for everything. I spent a good part of the session crying, ultimately feeling a lot of pent up anger draining out of my body and mind. At the end of the session I was drained and exhausted and definitely felt lighter. But I am a worrier, and I worried that this “respite” from the hovering dark cloud was only temporary. And indeed, the next day I didn’t feel any different than I had the day before the session. I was on a holiday in Bali, so I wasn’t really stressed, neither before nor after the session anyway and I started wondering if the session actually had had an effect. Had I really been in a state of trance? Was I even actually hypnotised? I still kept in mind what Kartika said: “Don’t try and reflect too much on the session, let it do its work in your subconscious”.


It has now been more than a month that I have met Kartika, and the cloud is gone. I am feeling a little more positive everyday, more grateful and more focused. Of course it doesn’t mean I never worry anymore. The stress triggers are still here, I haven’t changed my job, but I react to stress and pressure very differently. I feel less angry and my first “go to” emotion isn’t frustration and anger anymore. I feel more at peace and don’t feel the need to immediately act on every single issue that arises, I give it time, and it often solves itself.

I am very grateful to Kartika for her help and I hope I’ll have other occasions to meet her and work on different questions/issues.

Anonymous - 30 - French - School Manager

My experience with Kartika was very unique and unlike the other therapies & spiritual sessions it was direct to the point. Everything I saw during the session came naturally without conscious thinking and it was almost like dreaming while fully awake. I am very happy that my therapist was Kartika whom I could trust 100%. She has the calming and assuring energy.  During the session I experienced uncomfortable sensations but the professional and soothing way she handled I could keep going instead of stopping there.
How I've progressed in 1 of the issues afterwards is incredible compared to the years of counseling I had.
I am very thankful to Kartika and feel very lucky to have found her.

Kaho - 39 - Asian - Hospitality

I found Kartika through a Google search. I was pregnant and living in Jakarta with the plan to have the baby in Bali as I wanted a more natural experience. I had a lot of trauma from the birth of my first child in which the doctor had taken the experience out of my hands and made me full of fear. I was worried that that fear would have a bad impact on the birth of my second child and so I was excited to see there was a hypnotherapist in Bali. I had never been hypnotised before so I really didn't know what to expect.

On meeting Kartika, I felt instantly relaxed. She has a real calming presence and helped me to open up about my story and be vulnerable without judgment. She asked me questions about my previous birth and explained the whole process clearly and honestly.

She gave me options about what to explore after she heard my story and I felt empowered. Being hypnotised was a strange experience and Kartika guided me with questions which went all the way back to my childhood, a place I never expected to go. She took me through a session of releasing fear from my previous birth which was very powerful.

I didn't really know the impact of the session until I gave birth, 5 days ago. It was a powerful experience and it was fear free, I went inside myself and I believed I could do it, and I did do it. I believe that the session with Kartika really helped me to feel empowered and to not carry around the trauma from the previous birth. It was an unforgettable experience and I will forever be grateful to Kartika. She is a wonderful listener and a truly remarkable practitioner. I would recommend it for any woman approaching birth.


Katrina - 42 - Teacher (Pregnant at time of session)

I've spent most of my life in search of what some might call higherconsciousness. In my experiences, hypnotherapy was never an acceptable meansof growth. No one was able to access my inner fears or help through this method.  Yet, I decided to give full trust to Kartika, which was easy. Everything about Kartika vibrates in a calming and comforting energy. One of the reasons we've become friends is her compassionand love for all that she does and the people around her. She seems to be tapped into a higher energy naturally.

Within a few minutes I was completely relaxed and under Kartika's care. She explained a few things that would help me relax. The facility was calming and her voice allowed me to slowly let go.

I have never experienced something so profound. After tapping into past lives and my own personal family history I realized things about my existence that had held me back. The experience has completely changed my life. I remember getting on my scooter and driving home almost in a bubble. It was profound and so surreal.

Since that day I have started three businesses simultaneously and all ofthem are being built on solid foundations without fear or the need to prove anything to anyone.  As I've said, I've always been on a path of self growthbut this was something that took me to an entirely new level of self worth and self improvement.

Thank you Kartika you are an incredible soul...


With warmth and love, Jody

Jody Sigmund - 50 - USA - Entrepreneur

'The pure, beautiful, caring energy that Kartika exudes is one of a kind - she is a true angel! I felt instantly comfortable during what could potentially be a very challenging session. Kartika has a unique angelic, gentle and yet extremely intelligent and maticulous approach to her work, I was in awe at her memory and her ability to recall everything we discussed so specifically. She takes her work extremely seriously and this comes across instantly, allowing me to have full faith and trust in her.

The session was spread out with so much care and time taken, allowing me to fully express the areas that needed attention. I was fully able to relax and become hypnotised by Kartika, something that I was apprehensive about having had an unsuccessful session a few years back with another therapist.

I released some deep childhood wounds that I didn’t even know existed and my visions were very clear. Since the session I have felt a much deeper connection and compassion towards myself, more than I have ever known. For this, I cannot thank Kartika enough and I will certainly be booking in another session with her in the near future to work on other areas of my psyché.’

Rachel Lewins - UK

I have come to Kartika looking for help to heal the dreadfull fear of public speaking, which stops me in my career development and brings me stress in every day life.

The session started with getting to know each other and discussing more in detail my problems. Kartika’s warm welcome, kindness and detailed explanation has reassured me that I am in good hands and get to trust each other. Hypnoteraphy has lasted for about 2 hours. During all the period I remained concious and remember very well all the “journey”. It was not easy as my subconcious has led  me to 2 difficult experiences in my family in the past. Kartika helped re-live these difficult moments, to feel them in the body, to name the feelings and emotions behind and get to accept and release them. Afterwards I literally felt like after physical operation, as if a hard big ball of quilt, dissapointment, anger, sadness has been taken away from my chest. I felt very tired, but light and peaceful. For couple of days I did not want to speak about it to anyone. I slept couple of hours right away. During all the session I felt Kartika being there for me with loving kindness, accompanying me in this difficult journey to the past. I think these 3 hours was life changing for me. The only thing which I missed to do is to give Kartika warm hug thanking her for this incredible healing.

Terese  - 45 - Lithuania - Management

Working with Kartika has been a great experience - her kindness, openness and nurturing spirit has made me feel very comfortable and able to relate. Hypnotherapy has helped me come to peace with internal conflict and brought about acceptance and calmness within myself which is both very humbling and fulfilling. I am very appreciative to have met Kartika and had such a positive experience with Hypnotherapy!

Paige - 34 - South Africa - Model, Business owner, Mother

I was very skeptical with deep reservations about hypnotherapy.   Several professionals have attempted to hypnotize me but were unsuccessful.  I was very impressed with Kartika's highly professional approach in conducting the sessions and her ability to produce results which benefited me greatly in regaining my emotional and spiritual balance.
Dr. Bruce Lipton from "Biology of Belief" suggests that one of the few ways to reprogram your subconscious is hypnosis, and it has indeed yielded very beneficial results for me in dealing with past traumas and heavy emotional experiences which allowed me to release a surprise amount of negative emotional energy which I did not even know I had within me until hypnosis with Kartika.  I highly recommend her to anyone who's ever finish a conversation and
asked themselves "why did I say that?" or "that was the silly response!" or for anyone who finds that success is alluding them - socially, professionally, romantically. You can remove your self sabotage through hypnosis with Kartika!

B Rikards - 72 - Hong Kong - President of International Consultancy Firm

Hypnotherapy with Kartika was the most effortless and natural thing I could have done to change myself. Being a spectator to some of my oldest memories helped me to understand myself then and to create myself now.

I was raging but I can now take a step back, express myself better and have a clearer view of what I want in my life.

Maikhanh - 33 - France - Stylist & Designer

I'm one of those people that's willing to put in the work, and I've spent years "putting in the work" trying to solve an underlying emotional turmoil that's been the backdrop to my whole life. Nothing seems to have stopped it. I've read books. I've meditated. I've seen counselors intermittently. I've journaled and journaled and I've talked and talked. I've grown. I've matured. I lead a great life. But I've never been able to shake it.


In sitting down with Kartika I wasn't even sure what to say I wanted "solved" as I can't really point to any single problem in my life. I explained how I wasn't satisfied with my internal emotional state, how it was draining my energy, how I was often perceived as having a short fuse even though I'm not an angry person, and how there are times when despite all I've accomplished over my 41 years I'm not even sure what would make me happy. That's all. Easy task, right?


Well, if it was difficult, she sure made it look easy. What still amazes me is how she managed to select just the right early emotional triggers to lead us through the spider web of memories and subconscious imprints that found the root cause of my turmoil. She answered everything on my wish list. Everything! I'm still amazed.


I'm honestly a changed man.I have so much more room emotionally. I can experience situations and emotions now with an objectivity that wasn't possible before. My mind doesn't run away with me and take me down any dark paths. I have control of my emotions in a way I could've only dreamed. 


The processes wasn't any more challenging or all that different from a normal counseling session in some ways. You are completely present. You are conscious of everything, and have full recall of the whole experience. You just relax into the journey of questions and exploration with Kartika as your guide. Sometimes it even seems boring and inconsequential, but the realizations and emotional expression is cumulative.  For me there was a betrayal at the age of 10, which I've known about and discussed so many times. I didn't even occur to me that it was still significant. She helped me see how the reason for the betrayal was completely different than I ever expected. This was driving me to repeatedly create betrayals in my life, which made me feel a great deal of unpredictability. Understanding that I was in large measure orchestrating them released so much anger, anxiety, frustration and confusion...


I've woken up with a smile every morning since my session.I'm getting so much done every day now. When I'm tired at the end of the day, it's a good tired from working hard. I'm not emotionally exhausted. All the little things I used to ignore because I just didn't have the energy to do them are getting ticked off 3 and 4 at a time. I'm even conscious enough to restrain myself at just the point where I know I'll still have a full battery to kick ass the next day. No more working days on end until I crash in bed for a whole day or two. But I think I'm probably getting the same amount of work done!


I don't think I even fully understand the gift this has been yet. I'm not even interested in trying to figure it our actually, which is unusual for me, I'm just enjoying the experience and going with it. 


Everyone is different. I was ready. I'd been doing the work to be ready. But I can't imagine a scenario where Kartika couldn't make a significant impact in your life. Thank you Kartika! 

John Rozelle - 41 - USA - Entrepreneur

I had been clueless in finding solution to my problems until I found Holistic Healing Hypnosis.

I read through the website and was instantly attracted to how Kartika help other people to heal.  I flew to Bali and visited Kartika at her villa. It was very peaceful. My first impression to her was that she is very kind and friendly.

After the first meeting to explain the issues, the next day I went through hypnosis. I was very nervous because I had never experienced such thing before. But after undertook the hypnosis, I felt something different. I felt more relax and all the "past tensions" that had burdened me for such a long time were finally released.

I cannot thank Kartika enough for her dedication in doing her work to help other people feel healthier and happier. I definitely recommend Kartika to people who want to heal themselves.

Suri - 29 - Indonesian - Assistant Producer

I would like to sincerely take the time to thank Kartika Alexandra for her professionalism, for her perfect attitude from the beginning, for the overall comfort of the whole exercise which at the end had definitely been extremely helping, that I will certainly re-use for other matters and that I definitely recommend for every human seeking for non painful, smart, subtle practice.

Thanks again.

Mehdi D - 37 - Executive Management

I’ve never tried hypnotherapy before but I can’t recommend it enough now that I’ve seen Kartika. 

She has a special ability to gently and empathetically guide you only to where you need to be/discover/uncover and release.

Thank you for your healing.

Anonymous - 38 - Business Owner

Living with bulimia for now more than 15 years, and having undergone a psychoanalytical therapy for over 5 years, which helped me in many ways yet did not effectuate any change of my symptoms, I was eager to book an appointment (plus one follow-up appointment) with Kartika after seeing her interview video online.

It was the first time for me to experience hypnosis, and I think I was able to take on this form of therapy very well, largely due to Kartika's exceptionally professional and likewise personal manner. It was a very intense experience from which I gained immediate liberation -- not, however in terms of my bulimia and its symptoms, but moreover in terms of deeper rooted issues related to my childhood and past trauma.

I thank Kartika for guiding me into this experience. Though I only spent a total of a few hours with her over the course of the two appointments, it is as if we met on a very universal and timeless level, such that I feel we got to know each other very deeply.


A few weeks have past since our encounter, and I feel obliged to emphasize that none of my symptoms have changed. I do, however, have hope that they may change when I begin with CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), which is the form of therapy that both my former psychoanalyst and Kartika have strongly recommended as a continuation of the healing process. I think that the combination of my former therapy together with the fresh experience I made with Kartika provide a good foundation for the transformation I am hoping to bring about in this life.

Anonymous - 37 - Art Historian

My experience with Holistic Healing Hypnosis was very new to me. I reached a part of my life where I felt lost. I needed to regain focus, positive train of thought and clear up the dark clouds manifesting in my subconscious. So I decided to try something new and visit Kartika.

I think experiences are different with each individual, Kartika tailored our sessions to suit the issues that I had to address. She helped me filter through my mind & past, and pin point the train of thoughts that were burdening me.

I am not the type to seek help. I am generally a closed off person, but my experience with Kartika was very comfortable and has helped me regain focus and clear up past troubles lingering in my mind.  This has released weight off my shoulders  and has given me  a more positive outlook on the future.

Thanks a lot Kartika 🙏

Dru - 32

I've had hypnotherapy few months ago, it's quite helpful but i still find something left unfinished but i didn't know what. Few weeks ago I started to have this massive anxiety, insecurity and felt unworthy most of the time. My mind always told me that today's gonna be a total failure. Everyday. So my cousin booked me a session with Kartika. I was so nervous at first, didn't know what would came up at the session.

The day I had the session, Kartika welcomed me warmly. She is very friendly and she got this gentle vibe that literally made me calm. Kartika told me in the beginning about the process, what might or might not came or revealed during the session. She wrote down every details she needed from me so she knew which part she needed to work with. Expected and unexpected memories came out, in a great way.

After 2 hours of session, Kartika 'woke' me up and she told me i did great. And i did feel great, strong and mostly powerful. Though i feel drained afterwards, session with Kartika was a total breakthrough for me. You might or might not believe this kind of therapy but trust me, it is helpful. Try and experience it yourself.

Thank you so much Kartika for your kindness, patience, and most of all for helping me heal myself. I would totally recommend you!

Ruth Wijaya - 30 - Social Media Management

2 very interesting sessions with Kartika, which, step by step, took me back to my earliest moments after birth, through other forgotten critical episodes of my life.


Hypnosis is definitely a very efficient way to dig in and reconcile with the past, and Kartika is someone I felt very comfortable with opening my soul to. Her holistic approach to healing just seems right to me.

Frans - 49 - French Consultant

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kartika for making such a powerful impact in my life.

In our session we were able to go back to my childhood and find the root causes of an issue I had been facing for years, I now feel much stronger and empowered for being able to go back there and meet the memory from a place of love and understanding.

Kartika made the whole process so intuitive, guiding me with complete empathy at all times.  Her energy is extremely warm and a true joy to be around.

Thank you Kartika, I am so thankful our paths have crossed!


I lost my mother. She's been sick for over 1 1/2 years and moments of her in the hospital, lying in bed sick are haunting me and filling me up with guilt and pain.

Kartika helped me through hypnosis to process these traumatizing moments and start my healing process.

I tried a lot of different therapy types but hypnosis was the best and most effective one. I really want to keep doing it want to keep doing this type of therapy but especially with Kartika. Thank you so much for your effort!

Selma - 28 - Turkish - Tech Industry

I had a great first session/experience with Kartika.
She is an expert at what she does and was able to get to the root cause of an intense experience that I had a few years ago and was still unwantingly holding on to.
She was able to uncover the root cause of the pain that I'd experienced and release it during the session.
It was my first hypnotherapy session and I left a firm believer in the healing and release that I experienced from the session.
It was life changing and felt like a burden had been lifted off me.

Thank you so much Kartika.

Anonymous - 35 - Australian - Construction

My session was very amazing..
Kartika has been very supportive and she has the magical soul to hold the space for me.
I could literally bringing up the old wound to my physical body. Something that i never think of capable doing it ...
In an instant, it is very easy for me for clean it with Kartika's help....
I have been searching and doing my own healing with so many "healer".
But most of them didnt impact me....
So ..Thank you Again Kartika....
I hope i can see you again soon.
Please consider to see Kartika! No Doubt that she is an angel.
Much love.....

Inge - 38 - Indonesian

Took me a while to collate this, as I wanted my testimonial to articulate perfectly the depth of the session. Nothing short of amazing and empowering. Kartikas knowledge, empathy, pace and touching after care was heart warming. Maja healing felt like a home as oppose to a 'center' and I'm amazed by the whole experience.

Anonymous - 38

The work with Kartika was amazing.

She helped me to get to the root of my issues and releasing them.

All our issues are caused by traumas we experienced at some point in our life and sit in our subconscious mind.

Work them out and breathe them out. Kartika did an amazing job recognizing them and work trough it.

Dom K - 40 - Swiss

 5/5 ratings.


It was my first experience. Kartika make you comfortable and she is very attentive. You feel in the good and sweet hands. Thank you 🙏🏻

Katrine - French

This was new territory for me and I felt apprehensive about going down the hypnosis route. Kartika was fantastic and straight away made me feel at ease, she sign posted what was going to happen and what I would experience under hypnosis, her very calm & relaxing demeanour made me open to receive the best out of the session. I felt very drained afterwards but the next day I felt a lot lighter and clearer. It exceeded my expectations. I Would definitely recommend and I will be back if I get any blockages.

Ritchie S. - 39

Found the session quite profound on several levels:

The connection to Kartika was almost instantaneous, her gentle but powerful energy melded with mine to take me on a healing journey that was needed and perfect for that moment. Her guidance was masterful, precise and very empathic ...

She seemed to work also on two levels, the trained hypnotherapist (finding triggers in words and emotional languages) and a more metaphysical presence, a Goddess energy that was able to open portals and breakdown walls between time and perceived realities.

To be honest I am still unpacking things from the session happily. I will definitely have a second session when I return to Bali soon and will recommend her services/gifts to those that will benefit. Thank you Kartika

Cameron T. - 49 - Australian

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Holistic Healing and being treated by the wonderful Kartika. Initially I was rather skeptical and apprehensive about treatment however, my mind was put at ease by the warm, friendly and welcoming team that greeted me upon my arrival.

Kartika is the consummate professional and guided me through a truly remarkable session which made huge shifts in my subconscious mind.

My experience was exceptional and I cannot speak highly enough it. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family.

McCoy T. - 36 - Coach

Kartika is such a great healer and it feel amazing to feel her positive energy. It is important to understand where youre trauma start and she can help me to find it and release it.

Anonymous - 25 - Indonesian - Writer

I've been driving past her office for a year - 3 times I took her business card and lost the number till the 3rd time! I've been telling myself there must be something about this that I'm so drawn towards it.


My experience with Kartika and her healing method far exceed my high expectations. I'm a Capricorn - analytical and factual to a believer in energy and I'm still getting around to be using it only positively. I've been with her on Hypnotherapy in person and over distance. I can only tell you that whatever positive you have heard about this type healing its true and 10x better when you get to experience it. I saw multiple confirmations that it really works and it's obvious that we have a crazy amount of trapped emotions and therefore patterns that govern our day to day actions thus life.


Kartika will clean you from that and get you flowing. Since the in-person sessions I can better focus and be consistent on the task and goal I set for myself, I lost the overthinking and worry about my ways or ideas not working out and generally more trust my gut feeling than ever before - and trust me your feeling knows it all! Our thinking mind is not that smart - You just need to learn to listen to the right feeling - and Kartika helps with that tremendously! I'm really thankful for that. Next, we did a session over distance recently and I was really surprised when I woke up from my meditation exactly on time when she finished without me or her seeing or hearing each other -WOW. Few events like this happened during the session that got me 1000% convinced it works wonders! This one was about Indecisiveness and I'm still observing myself to see the outcome (will leave another review about it) More than impressed and happy with the outcome I couldn't have wished for a better therapist than Kartika. Thank you wonder women :)

Luka - 29 - European - Self-employed

I went there because I had some sort of daily abandonment anxiety. and after the session I felt strong and free. I have benefited enormously. it's not up to me to recommend it but if you have something to clean up in your mind and body it is worth trying.

I think it is especially important that you open yourself up to it.

Also that you release yourself during the session.

Martin H.  - 60 - Dutch - Designer

My trauma and anxiety had me under control, but Kartika helped me to let go of things and feeling more of myself again. During my hypnosis journey I always felt save and in good hands.

After my session I felt relieved and lighter. I loved how Kartika informed me about the before, during and after process. Thank you so much!

Julie  - 32 - Swiss

 Kartika is a wonderful hypnotherapist. Very professional, good to connect with and very helpful.

I can highly recommend her practices to anyone looking to reconnect with themselves and experiencing an astonishing healing process.

Daniel  - 35 - Netherlands

Kartika is a professional, compassionate hypnotherapist. Once you meet her, you will understand immediately that she will definitely helps you to swim into your subconscious sea and come back with a beautiful treasure. This was my first time to receive a hypnotherapy session. I have had several physical problems such as anemia for over 10 years, and started thinking that this might root in my previous life. That idea driven me to look for a hypnotherapist and I finally found Kartika on google search. During pre talk of the session, she kindly and carefully listened to my story, and indicated that there might be big fear in my subconscious, and that affects on the systems of my heart beating and blood circuration, the magnetic movement.


During the hypnosis session, I unexpectedly spoke of a drama of one girl who was living in somewhere in Europe. She was in danger by attacking from dreadful dragon. I didn’t want to feel that fear. But Kartika was so supportive and helped me to feel that emotion of that moment of attacking from bottom of my heart. My body was moving actively and I was crying and shouting. It was as if she made a strong cocoon surrounding two of us, and I was absolutely safe being there. With her existence, I could feel one of the biggest fear of my own. And then I could rewrite this saddest experience into the brightest, full of hope, happiest story. And, in the middle of this session, I suddenly remembered one memory that I might have been violated from another person when I was 3 or 4 years old in this real life.


After the session, Kartika mentioned that this actual trauma could cause me of fear and physical problems as this age is so vulnerable. I had forgotten this trauma completely and experienced that this is also healed. Now almost 10 days has passed since Kartika’s session.


During these 10 days, I feel I am getting stronger day by day physically, mentally and emotionally. My reality is also changing surprisingly. The experiences and stories during the session gave me courage and deeper self-recognition. I am paying much more attention on deeper breath in my dairy life. I feel much more happiness than before. I feel healthier day by day. Somehow I could meet with several new people who are like minded me and feel very close to me. I could open my heart to others and talk frankly more than before and have better relationships. I am practicing meditation and trying to see my another fear which I felt with another person.


Recently I could invite that one to my house with my new courage and support of my friends. These coincidences are happening at the same time. It is so amazing. If I change my inner world, the outer world automatically changes. The change gains speed. I am sure that one have to deal with his/her work by himself/herself. But it is so hard to reach out to deeper level alone because of too much fear.


With professional and compassionate therapist like Kartika, it can be done. You can explore your journey into a farther level where you can go by yourself with the help of the person who can stay with you in a safe circumstance.

Anonymous  - 30 - Reiki therapist - Japanese

This Holistic Hypnotherapy course has been completely life changing for me.  I wanted to embark on this course to complement my holistic fertility work but the immersion into this training has been incredibly transformative and powerful at a personal level too.

Kartika has managed to create a course which incorporates so many key elements of the subconscious in relation to all parts of our selves and our overall wellbeing & health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and information and this wisdom has truly expanded my understanding of the mind - body - spirit connection to an even deeper level. The combination of this and her beautiful energy, kindness, endless encouragement & ability to push us when needed (!) and guide us through the tough moments, have been a key part of my learning experience and growth.

I would highly recommend Kartika and this course and am forever grateful to her for her mentorship and all that she has opened my eyes to.

Nina  - 40 - British

Hypnotherapy Course Testimonial

When my sister suggested me to see Kartika, I had no idea what hypnotherapy was at all. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I was ready for it. I had been having this feeling of "trapped" and this heaviness that comes and goes from time to time throughout my whole life, and when the heavines comes, I'd fall into a deep depression, with zero understanding of why this feeling is there. After 4 months into the pandemic, the feeling got heavier and heavier, and it was almost like I could not contain it anymore, and I was overwhelmed by it, so I reached out to Kartika and what a blessing it was that she happened to be in town.


Throughout the whole session, with the soothing guidance of Kartika's voice, it was as though I was watching a movie of my past which I had forgotten about. And after the session, my eyes were swollen from so much crying and releasing, and I felt extremely relieved.


A few days after it, I didn't feel much difference, except that my sleep at night improved so much. And week by week it went, and it became clearer and clearer, it was as if my whole life I was walking inside a house full of smog-- making me suffocate and difficult to see-- and now the smog has cleared up and I could smell the fresh air and see my life's purpose.


I can say this with much confidence that the 1 session I had with Kartika was life-changing. I am a work in progress, but my heart is so much fuller than before. Thank you Kartika for the work that you do!!!!

Cindy  - 38 year old - Asian

From the Moment I walked into, I felt, held by loving energy. I met Kartika for a childhood regression sitting and had what could only be described as a transformational experience which helped me heal some trauma I didn't realize I was still holding onto

Martin O'toole - 45  - British

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