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Common Questions Answered Below.

If you have any questions that are not included here, please email us.

What does being in hypnosis feel like?

It is very much like a very deep state of relaxation, just as though you are daydreaming. You are still awake, conscious, but very very relaxed.

Everyone experiences being in hypnosis differently, both between individuals and even between sessions.  Physically, some feel like they cannot feel their body anymore while others feel very comfortably heavy. Some will not move at all during the sessions, while others will actively move their hands and arms.


In sessions with H.H.Hypnosis, the one aspect that most clients do share in experience during sessions is when they arrive at a moment when a memory or event appears, and they experience an overwhelmingly strong feeling associated with that memory/event. Sometimes this can occur very unexpectedly, sometimes it can slowly arise. What is very commonly expressed is that they experience that the strong emotion so fully in their entire body and in their mind as thought it is happening in the instant and so viscerally! This is generally followed with feeling in awe of having experienced it, and feeling 'lighter' after they have released the feeling.

Does insurance cover hypnotherapy sessions?

More and more insurance providers cover hypnotherapy sessions.  If you need an invoice for the insurance claims, we are happy to prepare one for you.

Will I be unconscious during the session?


You will be very much conscious and aware of what is happening.  The main difference is that you will be deeply relaxed.  The state is one similar to daydreaming.

You will still be in control of what you want to share and how you want to respond.  You are fully capable of communicating to me how you are feeling, if you do not want to answer a question, if you are too cold/hot, and anything else that may come to mind.

The experience will be the opposite of what you may have seen in some movies where characters lose all sense of control and are under the power of the hypnotist. In hypnotherapy, you are aware and in control of what you say and do. For example, you will aware and fully capable of rejecting anything that I may say before the session, during the session, and after the session if you do not want to participate or if you do not feel comfortable.


In a therapy setting, hypnosis is simply being induced into a state of consciousness (alpha and theta - states that you access naturally every day) where you are fluidly able to access your subconscious/unconscious and are highly responsive to suggestion or direction (this is important, for example, for weight loss or to stop smoking).

In fact, for the type of hypnotherapy we practice to be a success and for you to overcome the issue/topic, it is actually imperative for you to remain conscious/awake, and not to be unconscious.

How long are hypnotherapy sessions?

Sessions are 2.5 hours long. 


In your schedule, please plan up to 3 hours in case you need more time before leaving the office.

Why would I want/need to do hypnotherapy?

If you have been struggling with any single issue in your life for months, years or your entire life, and you are finding it challenging to overcome with knowledge or mental hacks or self control, then it is likely rooted from a 'program' or belief located in your subconscious.


Hypnotherapy allows you to access your subconscious to reprogram that belief, fast.

"Hypnosis and habituation are the primary means of programming behavior into the subconscious mind. That is why conscious mind efforts, such as giving yourself a "good talking to," reading a self-help book, or posting sticky notes have little influence on changing undesired subconscious programs." - Dr. Bruce Lipton, The Honeymoon Effect

Since 95 percent of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious (and not our conscious minds!), this means that we are carrying out whatever is programmed in our subconscious minds. It is, by definition, then necessary to look at what is in our subconscious (and not our conscious mind) that is leading to the issue we are experiencing. So although you most certainly do not "need" hypnotherapy to overcome your issue, if you would like to get to the bottom of the issue without taking a long time to overcome it, working with the subconscious would be an incredibly important part of the process - and we have yet to personally find a faster process than what we use in H.H.Hypnosis methods.


If you have already experienced hypnosis, please remember that each hypnotherapist has different methods and style. You will likely find hypnotherapy with H.H.Hypnosis to be quite different than previous experiences. To see how your experience may be different with H.H.Hypnosis, please read past client's testimonials here.

What can I address in a session?

Just about any issue you want to address.

We always suggest to focus for a moment on where you feel you need help or struggle in your life - perhaps it is on a material level, or on an emotional level, or physical discomfort and pains. Or perhaps in relationships with your romantic partner, relationship with money, or relationship with certain friends.


Remember, the experiences and states that come easily to you already are already supported in your subconscious programming - your imprints for those topics are great! But, anything that you have to work hard in and perhaps tried repeatedly to change/overcome with little or no success, or are fearful of, it is most likely linked to some limiting and self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs that we would call "viruses" - and this is what we want to clean out of the subconscious/unconscious mind.

You can view more here

How much are sessions?

Sessions with therapists in Bali:

In-person sessions range from IDR 3,000,000 to IDR 5,000,000

Online sessions are approximately the same though may be in different currencies.

Sessions with therapists outside of Bali (many of our therapists travel frequently and receive clients abroad):

Please contact us directly for the fee.

"I am worried that I cannot be hypnotized!" or "It didn't work with another hypnotherapist"

Everyone can enter into hypnosis.  This is a natural state brain wave state that we all go in at very minimum 2, but in actuality, hundreds of times times a day, without any effort.  You are, by definition, already naturally hypnotized many times a day, so you can most certainly be hypnotized.


Everyone also can be hypnotized for therapeutic reasons, however, to benefit from the therapy in hypnosis, it will be challenging if the client does not wish to unless you do not want to be, then it will be challenging).

HHHypnosis therapists ensure that clients are in hypnosis by watching for key biological signs from the client.  These signs happen naturally when one is in hypnosis, are not something that the client is aware of, and so are visual confirmations that the client is in hypnosis.

We have had numerous clients come in who have attempted hypnotherapy with other therapists but felt that it was unsuccessful each time. By setting up the session as best as possible (for example, no strong caffeine a few hours before the session for the client), observing what the client's strongest sense is (is it visual? smell? etc), adjusting the pace of the induction process (when one goes into more relaxed states), and a few other points, it is very much possible to have a successful hypnotherapy session where clients are in hypnosis and report being in hypnosis.

Do you do past life regressions and re-birthing?

Yes,  we have and do carry out past-life regressions and re-birthings for the purpose of therapy and healing.

Please note that as we are focused on easing suffering and assiting clients in being happier and healthier, we are unlikely accept a client who main aim is to explore past lives for curiosity.

How many sessions will I need to overcome my topic?

It depends on the topic and on you.


Most clients resolve or feel significant decrease in their issue after 1 session.  However, depending on the topic and the state of the client, it may take 4 sessions to fully resolve their issue.  We must work at a safe pace and at the pace the client finds comfortable working with.

We always aim to resolve the session in one or as few sessions as possible and we do not plan to keep you as a client for months and years to overcome one single issue.

Do you record the sessions?

No. Sessions are not and will not be recorded for various reasons.

We do not encourage clients to record the sessions either for healing purposes.

If the sessions is to be recorded, it will be fully dependent on the topic being addressed and only with full written consent of the client before the session.

How can I best prepare for a session?

  1. Have a clear idea of what you would like to focus on - this helps the mind to focus.

  2. Eat before the session so that you have energy for the 3 hours you will be in session.

  3. Avoid drinking coffee at least 2 hours before the session.

  4. Avoid drinking alcohol the night before.

  5. Avoid taking mood-altering drugs or hallucinogenics for at least 2 nights prior to date of session.

  6. If you are taking anti-depressants or mood stabilizers, let us know in advance.

  7. If you have any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy and/or me, email us! Getting answers to these questions will ease your mind.

  8. Because hypnotherapy is most effective when relaxed, I suggest to come to the session as openly as possible, without any feeling of resistance or doubt. Commit fully to that the session with us.  Some clients have relayed that they alleviated the feeling of pressure and nervousness to overcome issue itself by meditating prior to the session and some by reading more about the conscious, subconscious, and the mind.

Are there any risk or side effects to hypnotherapy?

There are minimal risks unless you have any pre-existing conditions such as epileptic tendencies, heart conditions, blood conditions (blood clots), and other physical problems/illnesses. If this is the case, please contact us directly before booking a session.


It can be slightly uncomfortable during the sessions are releasing of the emotions is taking place.  Post session, most clients report feeling normal..  As the day progresses, a feeling of tiredness can move in and this is very normal. The following two days after the session, it is not uncommon to feel a slight feeling of being "in transition".  This feeling usually last up to 2-3 nights sleep as you are processing and recalibrating. This post-session feeling of processing is very normal and necessary.   This is just like a surgery, however one of the mind so healing is part of the process.  During this time, people can feel tired, hungry, sad, sensitive, melancholic, or full of energy, high on life.  There is no way to know what you will feel, and all these feelings will pass and you will normalize back to your new 'baseline'.


About 20-30% of clients will experience these feelings in a heightened way - feeling very tired/needing to sleep, being unusually hungry, feeling more emotional than usual, feeling tingling around parts of the body, very deep sleep, feeling more energetic than usual, the need to retreat, the need to go out and do sports.  Again, these feelings will pass as you re-integrate.  More information will be given to you prior to the session by your hypnotherapist.

What happens during a session?

On the day of your session, we will go through 3 stages during our time together.


During this portion, we will go through the consent form, general questions and then delve into detail of what you wish to address in the session. We will take some time to explain what you can expect to experience during the hypnosis portion and we will have time to answer any questions you may have. This portion takes about 30-40 minutes.


Hypnotherapy portion:

This portion usually last around 2 hours and this is where the crux of the therapeutic work will be done.



The third and last portion of the session consists of a *short* discussion . We intentionally do not go into details of the session after the hypnosis potion as you will still be processing, but we will cover key points. This may last up 15-30 minutes or until you feel ready to leave.

Overall, you can expect to be with the hypnotherapist for about 2.5 hours.

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