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Hypnotherapy Course

Transform your life & the lives of others

Welcome to our Hypnotherapy Training Course! If you've ever been fascinated by the hidden power and potential of the human mind, this is your stepping stone to unlock it.


Hypnosis is a powerful tool to create change.  Combining that with psychotherapy techniques, emotional release, transpersonal tools, science and energetics, it becomes a life-changing experience when helping individuals overcome a wide array of challenges ranging from anxiety, phobias, unhealthy habits, to chronic pain, trauma and beyond.

This dynamic, transformative and comprehensive course is perfect for individuals seeking new career opportunities, therapists and health practitioners looking to expand their skill set, or anyone interested in understanding the secrets of the human mind and learning how to help others enhance their quality of life.  Designed for personalized growth and skill development, the course balances inner healing, in-depth knowledge and hands-on hypnotherapy practice sessions

Through this certification, you not only learn to help others but you'll also gain incredible insight into your own subconscious, empowering you to push your boundaries and achieve your personal goals.

Transform your career and enrich your personal life. Embark on this life-changing journey with us today!

Meet Your Instructor

With a decade of hypnotherapy sessions and hundreds of hours of session experience, Kartika Alexandra has helped thousands of clients resolve a wide range of problems in her unique and powerful Holistic Healing Hypnosis process.

Kartika is known for her wide range of knowledge, multi-cultural background and ability to support others transform in profound ways.  Her background is in Psychology (Bachelor of Arts, University of British Columbia, graduated with honours, awards, scholarships and on Dean's List) with a certification as a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist  (CCTSI).  She combines this all with an International Hypnotherapist certification (National Guild of Hypnotist), various specializations within hypnotherapy  (ranging from HypnoBirthing© to Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) and discipleships with various masters in different fields of alternative healing as she carries out sessions with clients and students. 

Kartika firmly believes that to be the best hypnotherapist we can be, we need to carry out our own inner work and aim to be authentic and in our power.  She provides students the capacity to do this in her course.


What Past Students are Saying About The Course


Kartika has managed to create a course which incorporates so many key elements of the subconscious in relation to all parts of our selves and our overall wellbeing & health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and information and this wisdom has truly expanded my understanding of the mind - body - spirit connection to an even deeper level. The combination of this and her beautiful energy, kindness, endless encouragement & ability to push us when needed (!) and guide us through the tough moments, have been a key part of my learning experience and growth.

Hypnotherapy Certification Training Course Overview​

Course Title:

Holistic Healing Hypnosis Course

Course Length:

Total of 4.5 months (16 weeks) starting with in-person followed by online meetings.

Course Purpose:

The primary purpose of our Hypnotherapy Certification Training is to equip our students with the essential principles, techniques, and ethical considerations of professional hypnotherapy. This comprehensive training pursues the following key objectives:

  1. Deep Understanding of Hypnotherapy & techniques: To foster a thorough awareness and understanding of hypnotherapy and its multifaceted therapeutic applications. This includes but it is not limited to comprehends a grounding in the history, principles and theories in the field, as well as in-depth knowledge on various hypnotherapy techniques such as induction, deepening, suggestion work, regression, psychotherapy techniques, shadow work, parts therapy, inner child healing, emotional release, and closing the session.

  2. Mastering the Science of the Mind: To cultivate a solid understanding of the workings of the human mind, how our minds are connected to our body and emotions, and and how changes in brainwaves can impact human behavior and psychological experiences.

  3. Development of Therapeutic Skills: To furnish students with competence in a range of hypnotic strategies and techniques so they can provide effective therapeutic intervention. This includes skills to build rapport, conduct assessments, creating tailored hypnotherapy sessions, evaluate progress, confidence in carrying out sessions, problem-solving, and more.

  4. Experiential Learning and Personal Growth: To offer hands-on experience in conducting hypnotherapy sessions under supervision, thereby building their confidence in handling real-life therapy situations.  This provides the space for the students to discover, explore & process their own deeper unconscious blocks, triggers, pains so that they may step feel more regulated, authentic and in their own power in sessions and in life. 

  5. Ethical Practices: To help learners imbibe professional standards and ethics in hypnotherapy, ensuring respectful, confidential, and safe practice.

  6. Empowering the Therapist: Through rigorous and supportive training, we aim to build our students' confidence as professionals who are prepared to open their own practice, join a health care team, or integrate hypnotherapy into their existing practice.


By the end of the course, students report that this course is life-changing and transformative due to the unique knowledge and healing components.  Students will well-rounded, knowledgeable, and confident professional hypnotherapists equipped to effectively help individuals achieve their personal and mental health goals.

Course Structure

Month 1:  Immersive & Intensive Group portion

  • Week 1:

    • The in-group portion begins with foundational knowledge which of the mind, human experience, hypnosis & therapy, trauma healing, emotions, ethics, and therapist preparations.

  • Week 2:

    • A thorough exploration and experience of each portion included in the HHHypnosis process (the process that led to Kartika's successful practice and Maja Healing's reputation). This includes different processes such as emotional release, shadow work, trauma healing, parts therapy, somatic release, inner-child work, forgiveness therapy, and working with the energy body. 

    • Healing or Therapeutic sessions with other specialists begin.

    • Intuition training begins

  • Week 3 & 4

    • A key component of the in-group portion is the practice rounds where students carry out hypnotherapy sessions and also delve into their own subconscious to resolve any of their triggers and unresolved traumas that may be holding them back from being the best possible hypnotherapist.  Sessions are carried out under supervision with Kartika or mentors, with debriefs to support the students in their growth. 

  • Duration & Commitment: 

    • Over 4 weeks in total.

    • Weekdays only from 9:00 AM - 5 PM 

    • All days have a 1-hour lunch break.

    • Breaks every 90-120 minutes.

Month 2, 3, 4: Case Studies & Individual Mentorships

  • This component follows immediately the in-group portion above and takes place over the following 3 months. 

  • As each successful hypnotherapist will have different solutions and each student will have their own challenges and interests, Kartika and Mentors individually mentor each student as they experience insights & challenges in weekly meetings via Zoom.  New tools, techniques & approaches will be shared accordingly with each student based on their interest and growth.

  • During this component, students carry out a minimum 18 hypnotherapy sessions on their own (without receiving payment or any exchange) and reflective post-session questionnaires are to be submitted for each session.  The case studies can be completed at student's own pace, though must be completed within 12 months of the course start date should the student wish to complete the final exam.

  • 3 group meetings with Kartika and students.

  • Duration & Commitment: 

    • Weekly:

      • Mentorships: 1 hour zoom calls

      • Case studies: they consist of 3 hour hypnotherapy sessions  clients. Depending on how many case studies the student wishes to carry out, this can be from 0 hours to maximum of 10 hours a week (3 sessions maximum allowed with extra time for the self-reflection questionnaire)

    • Monthly:

      • Total of 5 hour zoom calls spread out over 4 weeks (with one hour group call)​

      • Case studies:  anywhere from 0 hours to 40 hours in the month, depending on the amount of case studies the student choose to carry out.

Within 12 months of course date: Final Exam

  • In-person at Maja Healing or online via Zoom is possible.

  • See below for more details.

Teaching Methods:

The course is a mixture of live lectures, reading materials, one-on-one mentorships, in-person and in the later half of the course, online.


Students' ability and progress are evaluated by their final exam.  After completing 18 case studies and attended mentorship meetings, the student can complete their final exam which can be any one of the following: 

  1. Hypnotherapy session with the student leading the session and the instructor as a client

  2. A hypnotherapy session with the student leading the session and a mentor as the client

  3. Or a hypnotherapy session with the student leading the session and a new client via zoom (recorded with permission of the client) 


Resources include 1 textbook, 1 Holistic Healing Hypnosis Process Book, 1 Induction & Scripts book, and numerous other materials ranging from music,  PDFs booklets (downloadable), videos (in process) and access to extensive library.

Requirements to be Admitted into the Course:​

  1. You have experienced a Holistic Healing Hypnosis session with a senior HHHypnosis hypnotherapist

    • If you have not yet experienced a session, please contact us to book a session.  Note that the fee for the hypnotherapy session is not included in the course fee.

    • This will allow you to experience the depth and impact process itself and give you a starting point for the course should you be admitteed in.

    • The HHHypnosis hypnotherapist will also be able to inform you if taking the hypnotherapy course at this time is ideal for you based on where your current condition and goals. Please see below for more information in "who should not take this course."

  2. A 30-minute Zoom discovery video call with Kartika.  

  3. Course deposit has been received.

  4. Not all students who apply to join the course are admitted! Student admission are based on a variety of factors.

Why Is This Considered The Best Hypnotherapy Course?


The instructor's decade-long internationally recognized professional career with wide-breadth of education and specializations provides unparralled insights, knowledge and wisdom to properly guide and support students.  entors with their own unique specializations, qualifications, and insights, the students has the opportunity to learn from many sources.


With multiple mentors guiding and supporting students, they bring a different approach and insight as they have their own unique specializations, qualifications, and experiences.  This provides students the opportunity to explore and learn differently styles and discover their own preferred approach.


A powerful curriculum, encompassing psychology, the healing arts, science, the inner workings of the mind, trauma healing, variety of hypnotherapy modalities and life wisdom – all essential components for a well-rounded understanding of holistic integrative hypnotherapy.


Weeks of supervised practice rounds for students to receive precise feedback from instructor and mentors on and to build the student's confidence.


A key component of the course is to significantly increase the student's intuitive capacity, levels of self-trust, and inner power through practice, hypnotherapy sessions and daily activities.


Unique blend of group dynamics and individualized support, providing ample opportunities for personal growth with the benefits that come from group learning.


The transformative journey students undergo is profound as they address their own subconscious blocks, wounds, and struggles, and while supporting & witnessing the healing journeys of their fellow students. This immersive learning experience enhances their capacity to process their own experiences and cultivate presence for their future clients.


The course is designed to equip students with the tools and insights needed to conduct successful holistic hypnotherapy sessions on a wide range of common issues (abundance and performance to grief work to traumas and family healing) while also providing support and encouragement if the student already has a specific niche.


Quality over quantity is part of the admission process for each course to maintain the ideal group dynamic, level and standard for the course.  This depth of the journey of the group and the individual students is prioritized. 


The instructor's experience in supporting students becoming their best selves, in combination with a sharp intuitive eye  in perceiving, understanding, and helping resolve the unconscious blocks, pains and struggles the student may have on their path to becoming the best integrative and holistic hypnotherapist they can be.


This course is offered by Holistic Healing Hypnosis in collaboration with Maja Healing.  Within the curriculum, students receive non-hypnotherapy sessions to support their transformation from key specialists, healers and/or therapists at Maja Healing.  The course is held entirely at Maja Healing which has a special and powerful field around it to magnify the process.

Why it is the best course!

Who is this course ideal for?

  • Those who have a curious nature and wish to expand their wisdom and knowledge of the mind, body, conscious, subconscious, and healing in a holistic manner.

  • Those who feel comfortable to work closely with others in a vulnerable, emotionally-intimate, effective & impactful way, and have a desire to support and help others reach their goals. 

  • Those who are comfortable with being encouraged and challenged to go deeper into their own healing to become the best hypnotherapist they can be.

  • For those who may have no prior experience supporting others in healing and have a deep interest in learning tools and processes to help others reduce their suffering and increase their quality of life.

  • For those who may already work closely with others as mentors, coaches, hypnotherapists and/or therapists and who want to dive much deeper with their clients to better support them reach their goals.

  • For any one above the age of 25 years old.

  • For those comfortable with group setting and being willing to be vulnerable.

Who is this course not ideal for?

  • Those who are looking to only accumulate knowledge and tools.  This is not the ideal course for such students as inner work is a large part of the course.

  • Those who are not committed to their own inner work.

  • Those who are overly competitive in nature.  We will be working together very intimately and each course forms a community feeling where we are supportive of each other's journeys.

  • Those who are uncomfortable with group setting work & are not willing to be vulnerable in sharing.

  • Those who are currently experiencing strong addictive tendencies or compulsions.

  • Those who view the instructor and mentors as "service providers" and whom choose to decide on joining the course based on this reason.  Instructor and mentor are not here to purely provide a service because the student has paid a fee as this is not a business venture for the instructors and mentors; they invest their time and energy into supporting the students excel.  We suggest that you do not join this course and opt for an online hypnotherapy course.

  • Those who tend to or easily project onto others, engage in transference or blame others for their difficulties & challenges.  There is zero tolerance for such behaviour, as well as zero tolerance for disrespectful behaviour towards others.  While this may occur unconsciously during the course, the instructor will support the student in becoming aware and addressing this as this will directly impact the student's role as a hypnotherapist.  If you are currently exhibiting these tendencies, your HHHypnosis hypnotherapist will inform you.  If you wish to overcome this to join a future course, please contact us so Kartika may suggest options for you to prepare for joining a future course.

  • Those who are are still in the raw or deep processing phase of a traumatic event in their life.  While this course is deeply healing, the course process is far too demanding to properly process trauma.  This is not a course you should enrol in with the intention to help you overcome/process/heal a trauma you went through.  If this is your case, please contact us so Kartika may suggest options for you to prepare for joining a future course.

Who should join?
Who Shouldn't Join?

What Past Students are Saying About The Course

The HHHypnotherapy course far exceeded the expectations of excellence. 


For me to say "I strongly recommend this course" would be an understatement.  This course is a must for anyone that is interested in changing their own path as they guide others toward change too.

Chris Vogel HHHypnosis .jpeg
What is included in fee
The Details & Overview
2024 Course Details

2024 Hypnotherapy Course Details 
- October 2024 -

  • Course Dates:

    • Month 1: October 7th to November 1st, 2024

      • Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Bali Time

      • In-Person at Maja Healing (students required to be in Bali).

    • Month 2-4.5: November 2024 - February 2025

      • ​​3 months of weekly mentoring while students carry out individual case studies.

      • Online on Zoom (students do not need to be in Bali)

  • Fee:

    • USD 8,800 or IDR 133,000,000 (all taxes included).

      • A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm your seat, with the second 50% due by September 7th, 2024.

      • Payment plan is possible: 3 payments of USD 3,000 or IDR 45,000,000 with the first payment as the deposit to secure the seat, the second payment by August 7th, 2024 and the third payment by September 7th, 2024.

      • See details & FAQs below.

  • Group size:

    • Minimum 2 - Maximum 4 students.

  • ​Registration and admission

    • ​has opened and currently in process.

    • Admission closing August 7th, 2024.

    • See Requirements below.

2025 Course

  • Course Dates:

    • Dates are not set, and will depend on the serious interest.  If you would like to learn to take this course in 2025, please contact us.

What is included in the course fee?​


  • 4 months of knowledge and mentorship.​

  • All course materials & course textbook.

  • Welcome Box.

  • Water, tea & (healthy) snacks are provided during the in-person group portion.

  • Rapid Healing Programming Sessions with Kartika (in person or by distance).

  • One full session with a specialist (dependent on what you require to support your process)

  • 10% discount to all Maja therapies for the duration of the course.

  • HHHypnosis certificate upon graduation (pick up at Maja Healing; mailing fees are students responsibility).

  • Access to join and be certified by the National Guild of Hypnosis. 

What is not included in the course fee?

  • Lunch and accommodations.

  • Any immigration or legal requirements (visas, etc).

  • Flights to and from Bali.

  • Transportation to and from Maja Healing. 

  • Payment fee to be join and be certified by the National Guild of Hypnosis (due to their requirements, students are to submit application themselves).

What Past Students are Saying About The Course:

The HHH course was truly life-changing and eye-opening. I joined the course expecting to learn about Hypnotherapy techniques, theories and approaches. What I took away was much more - most surprisingly, I learnt so much about myself. Getting this invaluable insight has changed the way I approach everything, most notably my closest relationships - all of which have improved significantly because of this course.​

I cannot thank Kartika enough for being an amazing mentor and teacher. Her approach is flexible and approachable.  What I truly value is her dedication to each of her student. She made sure each of us got what we need - be it more information on particular topics, gentle guidance, stern reminders, an encouraging push off the proverbial cliff...all of which she did with the most patient, accepting, and loving energy.

Laura Widyanto HHHypnosis


A powerful holistic hypnotherapy process to support and help clients effectively reach their goals.

The Holistic Healing Hypnosis process works with all parts of the mind - from the conscious to subconscious, unconscious and superconscious parts of the mind - and has helped thousands around the world for nearly a decad


A clearer and sharper relationship with your intuition.

Knowledge is not enough to be an outstanding holistic hypnotherapist.  The potent ingredient is to carry out the session in combination with your own inner power and intuition.


Extensive knowledge on the subconscious mind,  healing, trauma, emotions, impact of childhood, interrelationship between the body & spirit, and much more.

Understanding the human condition in its parts, as a whole, and how they interrelate gives you a better understanding of life and significantly increases your capacity to successfully support your clients.


Tools & techniques to support you as a practicing

Key tools and 'secrets' on how to prepare yourself, sustain your energy & run your practice has a vital impact on the quality of your life and your work.


Confidence to carry out an effective and powerful hypnotherapy session to help your client overcome their issue.

By practicing and carrying out sessions with the teacher and mentors, you are continually guided and supported until you graduate.  This provides the foundation to carry out paid sessions in a way that sets you apart from other hypnotherapists.


A significantly deeper and much more expansive sense of self.

This course is transformative as you will clear out your unwanted programs, activate your inner healer and gain a much larger understanding of who you really are.  

6 Unique Elements You Walk Away With
After Graduating From this Transformative Hypnotherapy Course 
(from Past Students)

8 requirements to taking this course:


An open and curious mind is a necessity


Not currently in the process of healing from any major trauma, heartbreak, or challenges.


30 minute in-person or video call with Kartika. 


The genuine desire to support and help others overcome their issues and experience more joy and happiness in their life.


Committed to your own inner process of healing and transformation.


Deposit has been received to secure the seat. 


Comfortable in small group settings.


Previously experienced an HHHypnosis session with selected HHHypnosis Hypnotherapist.  If not, please contact us to book a session.  Note that the fee for the hypnotherapy session is not included in the course fee.


Not all students who register are admitted! 

Course Waitlist & Registration Form

Message Sent!

Waitlist & Registration Form
  • What is Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnotherapy is an empowering tool that can significantly change and help you take control by tapping into your subconscious mind and uninstalling those old programs that are holding you back. It has been used for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of healthcare used by the Egyptians.
  • What qualifications do I need to take the course?
    First and foremost, an open & curious mind is a necessity. The desire to support and help others overcome their issues and experience more joy and happiness in their life. Being comfortable in group settings & committed to exploring your own inner process of healing during the group portion. The more you are comfortable, the deeper and better you will understand the processes involved in HHHypnosis. Previously experienced an HHHypnosis session with any HHHypnosis certified hypnotherapist. If you are interested in joining the course but you have never experienced the HHHypnosis process, please contact us to book a session to best understand what a session entails. The fee is not included in the course fee so please pay the hypnotherapist directly. An in-person or video meeting with Kartika to be admitted into the course.
  • Will I learn hypnosis after I completed the course?
    Yes, you will know how to guide someone into a deep state of relaxation and you will learn how to know the signs if someone is in hypnosis.
  • What are the reasons why potential students won't be accepted?
    If potential students are only looking to accumulate knowledge and tools. This is not the ideal course for such students as inner work is a large part of the course. If potential students are overly competitive in nature. We will be working together very intimately and each course forms a community feeling where we are supportive of each other. If potential students are uncomfortable with a group setting work or struggling to feel vulnerable, or still processing a traumatic event in their life (or others). Kartika will suggest ways for the potential students to overcome these so that the student could potentially join the next course. No prior experience in the world of therapy or healing is required.
  • When will the course start?
    For October 2023, the course will run starting October 2, 2023 and ending on October 27, 2023. Below is the course schedule: Week 1: October 2nd to ​6th, 2023 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Bali Time) Partly pre-recorded and partly live group portion Online via Zoom Week 2: October 9th to 13th, 2023 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Bali Time) Online via Zoom ​Week 3: October 16th to 20th, 2023 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Bali Time) ​ In-person at Maja Healing Bali Week 4: October 23rd to 27th, 2023 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Bali Time) In-person at Maja Healing Bali Location: Online via Zoom and In-person at Maja Healing Bali Followed by 3 months of mentored individual practice rounds by zoom/telegram/in-person
  • How does the course take place?
    There are two main components to the course: An in-group knowledge & practice component Duration: over 4 weeks in total Weekdays only, Monday to Friday 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Bali Time (Please refer to the Course Details) You are required to be present for the entire group section to gain knowledge and partake in the supervised hypnotherapy practice sessions between students. Students have the opportunity to reduce their own triggers, issues, blocks, as these can hinder their ability to be successful therapists. Group size: maximum 6 students. 2. An individual practice component. This component follows immediately the in-group portion above. During this component, students carry out a minimum of 18 hypnotherapy sessions on their own (without receiving payment). During this time, Kartika will individually mentor each student as they experience insights & challenges. New tools, techniques & approaches will be shared accordingly. ​ The course is designed to be intimate and challenges student's current beliefs so as to expand the students' minds - both in the knowledge and the practice components. *For Week 1 and Week 2*​ ​ Before applying, please be informed that the times stated above are in Denpasar, Bali time zone. If you are not in Asia, please ensure that you are able to make these times (which may be late in your time zone). While past students in Europe have joined in (meaning they were awake from 2 am onwards), it may not be suitable for you. A strong and stable internet connection; is mandatory so that you can fully benefit and partake in the course. Please explore options in your area if you are unsure of the current quality you have. An environment that is relatively quiet & where you will not be distracted/bothered.
  • How long does it take to complete the course?
    It will take approximately 4 months to complete.
  • Who is the instructor?
    Kartika Alexandra, the CEO, and Founder of Maja Healing Wellness Center Bali and Holistic Healing Hypnosis, an internationally recognized integrative & holistic hypnotherapist.
  • Will I become a Certified Hypnotherapist if I complete the course?
    To receive certifications: ​ Successfully complete all the above in points 1. & 2. Typically this is completed within 3 months. Successfully complete a hypnotherapy session carried out with a new client with Kartika present in the room. This can take place any time within the 3 months following the end of the Group Portion. Considered the "Final exam". Successfully embody the characteristics of an HHHypnosis hypnotherapist in the student's own way with clients & fellow hypnotherapists. Certification by Holistic Healing Hypnosis will then be issued. Students are then able to submit their application for membership with the National Guild of Hypnotists in the USA. The NGH is the largest hypnotist association in the world. As per the NGH's protocol, you are to apply for your own certification via their website and they will contact HHHypnosis to confirm your completion. To join NGH, the fee ranges between USD 100-150 depending on where you are based.
  • Will I be able to practice after successfully completing the course?
    Yes! However, the certifications do not include the necessary working permits that you may need to work in the country you practice in.
  • If I have other questions and inquiries, how can I reach out?"
    For other questions and inquiries, please write to us here.
  • Are Payment Plans an option to pay for this course?
    Yes! Absolutely. Please contact us via the contact form on this page so we can see how to best support you.
  • ​For in-person courses, what do I need to bring to the course?"
    Only the following: An open & curious mind, pen(s) A notebook & pen And your preferred drinks/snacks
  • ​For online courses, what do I need be aware of, prepare & bring to the course?"
    To bring: An open & curious mind, pen(s), a notebook & your preferred drinks/snacks Before applying: Please contact us as the times vary depending on the student's location. What you will need: - A strong and stable internet connection. This is mandatory so that you can fully benefit and partake in the course. Please explore options in your area if you are unsure of the current quality you have. - An environment that is relatively quiet & where you will not be distracted/bothered. Enter your answer here
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