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kartika alexandra the hypnotherapiin meditation

Kartika is an expert at what she does and was able to get to the root cause of an intense experience that I had a few years ago and was still unwantingly holding on to.
She was able to uncover the root cause of the pain that I'd experienced and release it during the session.
It was my first hypnotherapy session and I left a firm believer in the healing and release that I experienced from the session.
It was life changing and felt like a burden had been lifted off me.

Thank you so much Kartika.

- Anonymous

About Kartika Alexandra


I believe that each individual has the ability to heal and resolve what troubles them all by themselves.  My role is to facilitate the process in a more direct and focused way.  I tailor the entire session according to who the client is and what will help them resolve their issue as quickly and safely as possible.  


I am focused on resolving the issue first and foremost, and most interested in doing so as fast as possible so that the client and I only have to meet for very few session.  For the client, it aids them to move forward much faster in their life, affecting them and those around them in a positive way sooner than later. 

For me, resolving client issues in one session keeps me fueled, allowing me to receive new clients and keeping the learning and momentum going for me.  Certain issues and topics sometimes need more sessions in order to fully and completely resolve the issue, and these are equally rewarding to the growth of the client and I as we delve deeper and into new areas.


It is also very important for me to help resolve the issue as fast as possible because I do believe that a better world starts with a healthier and happier individual.  I believe that the change to a better world - whether the world consist of a small community, society at large, or affecting entire countries and systems - does rest with the individual because each individuals' actions ripple out to consequently affects all around them - socially, at work, in their family, their pets and beyond.  Each issue, pain or wound that goes unresolved leads to actions and words that are expressed by the individual that can be perpetually damaging to themselves, those around them, and the world at large.  The less issues and pains an individual carries and the happier that individual feels in his or her self, then the better their relationship with others, nature and the world at large will be.


As each client brings a different set of variables, it is part of my job (and spikes my curiosity!) to understand what method and style will work best with each individual client so that we can achieve healing and results as fast as possible in each session. 


What matters most to me is why you are who you are today, and why you have the discomfort or issue you have today.  It does not matter what you did in the past, or who did what to you - those events have already taken place, and everyone has their own life story that involves degrees of pain and happiness.  What interests me the very most is what we can do today to leave those experiences in the past, and help you move forward to live a happier and healthier life! 

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