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Kartika Alexandra hypnotherapist healer

The pure, beautiful, caring energy that Kartika exudes is one of a kind - she is a true angel! I felt instantly comfortable during what could potentially be a very challenging session. Kartika has a unique angelic, gentle and yet extremely intelligent and maticulous approach to her work, I was in awe at her memory and her ability to recall everything we discussed so specifically. She takes her work extremely seriously and this comes across instantly, allowing me to have full faith and trust in her.

- Rachel Lewins

About Kartika Alexandra


My passion lies in understanding the power of our minds, brains, body and the interrelationship of all of life.  I am fascinated at how emotions and thoughts work together, how this relates to healing, how this affects how we tap into our innate power, which affects our ability to realize our dreams and live happier, healthier lives. 


It fuels me to witness people feel more wholesome, lighter and in awe after a session as they begin to understand themselves and others with more clarity and wisdom. 


It is energizing for me to see clients connect the dots by themselves between experiences they went through, some of which completely surprises them, and how profoundly it has led to who they are today.  


During my own journey, I grew to realize that much untapped power lies in our subconscious, in the dark side of our mind, and that by working directly with our subconscious we can move forward with even more ease than we realize.


Hypnotherapy gave me the structure to help people in the best way I know how while combining my psychology background, leadership skills, and personal experiences.  I have yet to find a more effective and faster way to help clients reach the same powerful state they find themselves in after a session!

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