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Intensive Hypnotherapy Course

with Kartika Alexandra

Holistic Healing Hypnosis

This course is an intensive hypnotherapy course.


It is for those who are interested to learn about the mind, hypnotherapy, mind-body healing, regression healing, different modalities, insights on common topics and challenges, how to reduce their own triggers, how to self-heal, how to apply hypnosis in their own therapeutic practice and will include the business of healing, hypnotherapy and more. 

It will cover in detail the HHHypnosis process and what has led to Kartika's successful hypnotherapy practice.

A large component of the course will be dedicated to students carrying out and receiving sessions - both for self-healing (the best therapists are the ones with fewer triggers!) and for increased confidence as the therapist.


In-person course:

This is not an online/distance course.

You are required to be present in person for the entire time, especially as we will be carrying out sessions for both self-healing and for practice.


The course will take place in a private villa in Kerobokan/Canggu neighborhood in Bali. 


Dates and Times:

Group class:

-January 15th-31st (excluding weekends)

- 9 am-5 pm

- Lunch is provided, along with coffee/tea/snacks.

Individual section:

- 3 individual follow-ups with Kartika after the course.

Group size:

The student group size will be a minimum 2 to maximum 6 students. 


Successful graduates will receive certification by the National Guild of Hypnotist.

Cost of course:

Please contact me directly for the final price. 

Previous courses were approximately USD 2,000.

- Payment Plan possible - contact us via the form below!

- Please know that we have tried to reduce the price as much as possible to make it as accessible as possible without compromising the quality & requirements for certification by NGH.

What do you need to bring?

Your curiosity, 2 working pens, a notebook and any preferred drinks/snacks.

If you have any questions at all, I invite you to write to me by whatsapp or by via this specific contact form below:

"Tell me more about the course"