Hypnotherapy Certification Course in Bali

with Kartika Alexandra

This hypnotherapy course is an intensive and in-depth course that combines psychology & inner-healing.  It is designed to provide students all that is necessary for them to carry out a successful hypnotherapy session on any common issue that a potential client may require assistance with. 

There are two main components to the course:

  1. a knowledge component

  2. a practice component.

The knowledge component will cover information on the mind, hypnosis, therapy & 'healing'.  It will also include a detailed exploration of the HHHypnosis processes that have led to Kartika's successful hypnotherapy practice. She will share knowledge from her psychology degree, client experience, teachers, and the healing arts.  Topics included in the HHHypnosis process include shadow work, trauma healing, somatic release via the mind, inner-child work, forgiveness therapy, and the energy body.

The practice component is an integral part of the course. Students will carry out sessions as a therapist as well as experience the different processes as a client.  This component is aimed to support the student by reducing their own triggers, issues, blocks, as these can hinder their ability to be a successful therapist.

The course is designed to challenge student's current beliefs and to expand the students' minds - both in the knowledge and the practice components.


Who is this course ideal for?


  • For those who work closely with others as mentors/coaches/therapists who wish to complement their already existing therapy practice.  This technique allows their client to do delve deeper into themselves.

  • For those who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of the mind, body, conscious, subconscious, and healing.

  • For those who wish to undergo intensive but guided self-development.

Are there any necessary prerequisites/prior knowledge to taking this course?

  • An open & curious mind. 

  • There is one textbook that is required to read and this can be read before the course, or over the duration of the course.



The course will take place at Maja Healing in the Kerobokan neighborhood in Bali. 

Course Portions, Dates and Times:

  1. In-person group portion:

    • Date:

      • *Please contact Kartika directly for the next course date*

      • Takes place over 3 weeks

      • Weekdays only

      • 9 AM - 5 PM

    • You are required to be present in-person for the entire group section.

    • What is covered?

      • Knowledge sharing

      • Hypnotherapy sessions - students alternate between being the client & the therapist. 

   2. Individual portion (following the group portion):

  • On your own time, carrying out a minimum 10 hypnotherapy sessions as a therapists without receiving any payment

  • A debrief with Kartika after each individual session.

Group size:

The student group size will be a maximum of 4 participants.


Successful graduates will receive certification by the National Guild of Hypnotist and Holistic Healing Hypnosis. Please note:

  • you are required to complete the requirements from the individual portion before receiving certification.  This typically takes up to 2 months.

  • As per the National Guild of Hypnotist's protocol, you are to apply for your own certification via their website.  The fee for this ranges between USD 100-150.

Cost of course:

  • USD 3,300

    • A payment plan is possible.  Please contact Kartika via the form below to discuss.

  • What is not included?

    • Lunch is not included (Coffee/tea/snacks are provided).

    • Accommodations are not included.

  • Please know that Kartika has focused on reducing the price as much as possible to make the course as accessible as possible to those interested without compromising the quality of the course, while matching the requirements stated for certification by NGH.

What do you need to bring?

An open, curious mind, a pen, a notebook & your preferred drinks/snacks.


"This Holistic Hypnotherapy course has been completely life changing for me.  I wanted to embark on this course to complement my holistic fertility work but the immersion into this training has been incredibly transformative and powerful at a personal level too.

Kartika has managed to create a course which incorporates so many key elements of the subconscious in relation to all parts of our selves and our overall wellbeing & health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and information and this wisdom has truly expanded my understanding of the mind - body - spirit connection to an even deeper level. The combination of this and her beautiful energy, kindness, endless encouragement & ability to push us when needed (!) and guide us through the tough moments, have been a key part of my learning experience and growth.

I would highly recommend Kartika and this course and am forever grateful to her for her mentorship and all that she has opened my eyes to.

- Nina


Would you like to join the course?

Do you have more questions about the course?

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