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Hypnotherapy Certification Course in Bali

with hypnotherapist Kartika Alexandra

This hypnotherapy course is an intensive course that will ask you to expand your mind, delve into yourself, and get to know yourself so that you may better understand others.

There are two main components to the course - a knowledge component & a practice component. 

The knowledge component will cover information on the mind, therapy, hypnosis, healing, and the HHHypnosis process that has led to Kartika's successful hypnotherapy practice. She will share knowledge from her psychology degree, client experience, and the healing arts. 

The practice component is an integral part of the course where you will be able to carry out & experience the different processes while reducing your own triggers as these can hinder your ability to be a successful therapist.

There is no prerequisites required to taking this course though it is integral to have an open, inquisitive mind.  Past students have ranged from having no training or exposure in the field of healing/therapy to  practicing clinical psychologists.

"Thanks for sharing your unique knowledge, amazing energy & care Kartika! 🙏🏻 It’s been a special journey with you all ... This has been truly life changing!"

- Ilona


This course is for those who are interested to learn about:

  • the mind

  • hypnotherapy

  • mind-body healing

  • regression work

  • transpersonal hypnotherapy

  • different hypnosis processes

  • insights on common topics and challenges

  • how to reduce your own triggers/how to self-heal

It is ideal for those who

  • want to start their own healing practice

  • already work closely with others as guides/mentors/coaches/therapist

  • adding hypnosis as part of their already existing practice



The course will take place at Maja Healing in the Kerobokan neighborhood in Bali. 


Next Course Dates and Times:

  1. Group portion:

    • May 2020

    • 9 am-5 pm

    • You are required to be present in person for the entire group section, especially as we will be carrying out sessions for both self-healing and for practice.

   2. Individual portion (following the group portion):

  • Minimum 10 individual session with your own practice clients without receiving any payment

  • Debrief with Kartika after each individual session you carried out. 

  • Please note that you will be required to complete requirements after the group portion before you will receive certification.  This typically can take up to 2 months.

Group size:

The student group size will be a maximum of 6 participants.


Successful graduates will receive certification by the National Guild of Hypnotist and Holistic Healing Hypnosis.

Cost of course:

  • USD 3,300

  • A payment plan is possible.  Please contact Kartika via the form below to discuss.

  • Coffee/tea/snacks are provided.  Lunch is not included.

  • This does not include accommodation.

  • Please know that Kartika has focused on reducing the price as much as possible to make the course as accessible as possible to those interested without compromising the quality & requirements for certification by NGH.

What do you need to bring?

Your curiosity, 2 working pens, a notebook & your preferred drinks/snacks!

Would you like to join the course?

Do you have more questions about the course?

Write to Kartika via this specific contact form below:

"I feel so grateful to receive your knowledge, your energy and all that is done with gentleness and kindness.  One day I hope to be as good and powerful hypnotherapist as you are ... 🙏🏻"

- Geraldine

"It’s been the most incredible experience! Hugely grateful to have such an amazing teacher/mentor and to have shared it with such an awesome bunch of ladies!"

- Nina

"This experience has been so amazing so far!

So grateful to have you as a mentor! 🙏🏼 and on top so happy to have met such cool lady’s on this journey."

- Clara

"So proud to be a part of this team.  Just finished another course, studying psychology and hypnosis.  Kartika, you are such an inspiration and role model.  I love you dearly.  Thank you for serving humanity in such an incredible way!"

- Stephy

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