Course Testimonials


I really cannot put the experience of this course into words. It was life changing.

Kartika is an amazing teacher and what I love most about her way of teaching is that she uses the perfect blend of being focused and flexible, straight and kind, scientific research and traditional eastern healing methods, theory and practice.

Kartika has such a vast knowledge in all kinds of fields - psychology, physical body, business - and puts all of her power and trust into the students, so that in the early stages of the course, the students already get to carry out sessions by themselves with her support.

And above all, she really pushed us as her students to dive into all the topics ourselves that were possibly holding us back from becoming the best Hypnotherapist possible. This course prepared me on every level to become the best Hypnotherapist (and human!) I can be.


Knowledge-wise, I was most surprised to learn how wide the field of trauma is. f.ex. of how much influence our ancestors etc. have on our today's life. Of how much trauma, and inner beliefs every one of us hold inside themselves that are getting passed down from generation to generation to generation. Of how many smaller or bigger traumas are rooted in the childhood. Seemingly ordinary events in the childhood are sometimes causing so much pain and issues in our adult-lives.


I am beyond grateful for Kartika and Steph, leading this course with so much determination, power, love, support, experience and knowledge and for the deep bonds and friendship we all built with each other.

Marie Wanhoefer - March 2021  - Hypnotherapy Course Student

I'd been in contact with Kartika for about a year before deciding to take the Holistic Healing Hypnosis certification course. And wow -- what an experience! It's hard to put into words what I learned, because it was beyond what I thought I was signing up for.


Not only did I learn to become a hypnotherapist, but I also got a deeper understanding of how to support clients in healing trauma, how to hold space for people's most challenging emotions, the different energies that come into play during such profound sessions, and how to navigate the minefield of the subconscious mind in a craftful and skillful manner.


Most importantly -- I learned how to connect even deeper with myself, who I am, and what I'm meant to do in this world. This is a self-discovery journey like no other.


Thank you Kartika for your kindness, patience, and support, during and after the course!

Celinne da Costa

Celinne da Costa

The HHHypnotherapy course far exceeded the expectations of excellence. The initial "phase" educated me on the basics of hypnotherapy techniques, psychology, and how to understand the client when they use specific words and express their feelings/emotions.  Kartika then built on that foundation and brought us to the next level. 
I am a visual and hands on learner.  Honoring the different learning styles, Kartika incorporates it all.  She is a very effective verbal communicator who shares real-world scenarios and examples to reinforce learning. Her relevant visual references and tools also made it more seamless to digest the new information. 

I have a diversified background in the world of working with people. With this, I value processes and organization. This course is designed to lead the future hypnotherapist through a logical process that enables application with confidence.  

Having performed so many hypnotherapy sessions with supervision and guidance was a transformational experience. This format was also a great confidence booster for me to do the work on my own.  
The bonus to this course is that we, as students, also receive life changing hypnotherapy work from Kartika, Steph and our compassionate and well prepared colleagues. The support and availability for questions after the course is also impressive.  Since completing the course, I have made several inquires with questions and "how to".  With an open-mind and enthusiasm, Kartika and Steph have been available to continue guiding me through this new journey as a hypnotherapist.  

For me to say "I strongly recommend this course" would be an understatement.  This course is a must for anyone that is interested in changing their own path as they guide others toward change too.

Chris Vogel

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The course had such a huge impact on my life , really transformational ! Kartika is such an exceptional teacher. She is very dedicated and knowledgeable and shared so much incredible wisdom ! Kartika and her team were so determined to make each of us the best hypnotherapist possible in our own way !

Sabiye Gungor - March 2021 - Hypnotherapy Course Student

Thank you for sharing your unique knowledge, amazing energy & care Kartika! It’s been a special journey with you all ... This has been truly life changing!

Ilona Cepelakova

This course was not just a hypnotherapy course but also the most life changing experience!   Kartika is an incredible hypnotherapist as well as a very wise and knowledgeable teacher. I could not have asked for a better person to learn hypnotherapy/life from!  Her gentleness and assertiveness is so inspiring. I have enjoyed every second of the course, all the components are fascinating, learning about the mind, but mostly about yourself & becoming aware of your own distortions, traumas, and being able to go so deep within yourself is definitely challenging but also priceless. It’s all about knowing yourself so you can best help others! The course gives you a solid base to become an excellent holistic hypnotherapist, and much more.  I could not recommend this course enough if you are on on a holistic path.



I feel so grateful to receive your knowledge, your energy and all that is done with gentleness and kindness.  One day I hope to be as good and powerful hypnotherapist as you are.

Geraldine Japy

Clara Roedig 2.jpeg

This experience has been so amazing so far!

So grateful to have you as a mentor! And on top so happy to have met such cool ladies on this journey.

Clara Roedig

So proud to be a part of this team.  Just finished another course, studying psychology and hypnosis.  Kartika, you are such an inspiration and role model.  I love you dearly.  Thank you for serving humanity in such an incredible way!

Steph Sargent


This Holistic Hypnotherapy course has been completely life changing for me.  I wanted to embark on this course to complement my holistic fertility work but the immersion into this training has been incredibly transformative and powerful at a personal level too.

Kartika has managed to create a course which incorporates so many key elements of the subconscious in relation to all parts of our selves and our overall wellbeing & health.  She is a wealth of knowledge and information and this wisdom has truly expanded my understanding of the mind - body - spirit connection to an even deeper level. The combination of this and her beautiful energy, kindness, endless encouragement & ability to push us when needed (!) and guide us through the tough moments, have been a key part of my learning experience and growth.

I would highly recommend Kartika and this course and am forever grateful to her for her mentorship and all that she has opened my eyes to.

Nina Ebsworth

Laura Widyanto HHHypnosis

The HHH course was truly life-changing and eye-opening. The main reason I joined the course was because I experienced first-hand how Holistic Hypnosis has helped me with my panic attacks. Coming from a Psychology background, I was intrigued by how Kartika successfully guided me to find the root causes of my behaviour in only 2 sessions, when months of traditional counselling was unable to do so. I joined the course expecting to learn about Hypnotherapy techniques, theories and approaches. What I took away was much more - most surprisingly, I learnt so much about myself - my triggers, behaviour patterns, fears, and my conditioned responses. Getting this invaluable insight has changed the way I approach everything, most notably my closest relationships - all of which have improved significantly because of this course.

I cannot thank Kartika enough for being an amazing mentor and teacher. Her approach is flexible and approachable - when my childcare arrangements fell through for a few days, she welcomed my daughter and made sure I could still attend, which I was extremely grateful for. Although I highly appreciate her knowledge and experience (which she definitely has in spades!), what I truly value is her dedication to each of her student. She made sure each of us got what we need - be it more information on particular topics, gentle guidance, stern reminders, an encouraging push off the proverbial cliff...all of which she did with the most patient, accepting, and loving energy. I was truly sad when the course was over...and would gladly do it a second and third time! Thank you, Kartika for opening up my horizon, bringing wonderful people into my life, and introducing me to the hidden parts of myself. I am eternally grateful.

- Dr. Laura Widyanto