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Submit a Testimonial

We would like to truly thank you for taking the time to

share your experience with others.  

Holistic Healing Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Client

As you may know, there is a general HHHypnosis process that is followed though each and every single client session is customized to the client's need at the time of the session.


For this reason, your own experience as a client with the HHHypnosis hypnotherapist you worked with is invaluable for those who have never experienced a hypnotherapy session with them.


Sharing how it was for you to be in hypnosis, your experience of the HHHypnosis process, how it felt to work with the hypnotherapist themselves, and the changes you experienced after the process are most welcomed! This will allow others to have a much better understanding as to what to expect during and after the session.


It may be as short or as long you wish, as detailed or as general as you wish.

Again, thank you very much for your time.

If you are a

Holistic Healing Hypnosis Hypnotherapy Student

We have completed our month-long journey together! 


It is a true challenge to fit into the course description what this HHHypnosis course will bring a potential student.   For this reason, your review/testimonial is invaluable for potential students to get a better understanding as to what comes with partaking in this course!


Whatever you wish to share is most welcome.  Below are questions that may help you share your experience:

  • What surprised you the most about the course?

  • What did you enjoy the most about the course?

  • Did you find this course transformative?  If so, how?

  • Do you feel this HHHypnosis course prepared you well to become the best hypnotherapist you could be AND/OR a Holistic Hypnotherapist?

  • How do you feel about Kartika as a teacher/mentor?

  • What was the most challenging component of the course?

Again, thank you so very much.

If you are a
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